Vertagear’s Triiger 275

Now it’s time to turn our attention to the Vertagear’s Triigger 275. It’s the slightly smaller version of the 350/SE and it also comes with a slightly lower price tag. The 275 is a premium chair, that’s scaled back a touch to make it affordable. For example rather than using steel for the frame and base, the material used in the 350/SE Vertagear have opted to use aluminum. The chair uses a combination of real leather and faux leather. For example, on the back of the chair, you’ll find genuine calf leather, but the armrests have PU leather.

I suppose the chair is a middle ground. Immediately, you can tell it’s not a premium chair. But it’s still a great chair. Personally, I believe you should try and pay a little extra if it means getting a top chair because it’s worth it in the long run, especially if you’re a serious gamer and like long sessions. But, if it’s not possible and you do have to stick to a budget, this is a serious competitor in the mid-range pricing category, especially for serious gamers.

By most people’s standards and budgets, this is a stylish chair. You won’t be disappointed. It has a wide selection of colors and variations with plenty of adjustable features to make it your own.

What I love about the Triigger 275 is that, even though it’s a little more affordable, it still has many of the features we’ve come to expect with high-end gaming chairs like it’s bigger brother or an offering from noblechairs.

A little gripe is that the 275 only offers 2D armrests. We’ve grown used to the benefits of 4D armrests now, they’re great for when you’re settling in for a long session. 2D is fine, it does offer some adjustment, but we’re used to being greedy.

One I really love about the chair though is the back of the chair, which has a breathable mesh, and a height adjustable headrest. The mesh particular makes long-term gaming far more comfortable, you’re not going to suffer from that feeling of being stuck to the chair.  The chair is pretty generous with its weight limit too.

It guarantees comfort up to 150kg which is pretty middle of the park. Some premium chairs like the noblechairs offering have limits of 120kg but then it’s bigger brother the 350.SE offers a whopping 200kg limit and like’s it’s bigger brother, it offers a wider seat than normal, of just over 50cm. Ideal for those with larger than average posterior  The depth has a nice range too. 50 to 54 cm.

Putting my mid-range hat on for a minute, something that really stands out is the chair’s reclining range. It rivals all the premium chairs on the market. Borrowed from the Triigger 350/SE is offers a 15% range of 22 different positions.

To enable cross over into other gaming markets, Vertagear has opted to leave off the lumber and neck pillows, this is likely to disappoint some gamers, which is fair enough. But having chosen to make the casters out of a combination of nylon and PU means they’re quiet on wooden flooring and unlikely to damage flooring. They’re also very soft and smooth.

The chair boasts steel cabling which just adds to its durability and just like any serious gaming chair, the 275 incorporates a class 4 gas lift for quick height adjustments when gaming. The Triigger 275 can be ordered in one of 4 colors. There’s a red, white, blue and black variation, but not as a solid color but rather as trim, the chair is still a predominantly black which for some is great, for others a little dull. Neither does the chair boast many accessories.

Triigger 275 Series Size Guide

The reviewed Triigger 275 in white and red colors from the side

Triigger 275 Series Guide with max user’s weight and height.

Most gamers are going to be comfortable in this mid-priced chair.  If you are less than 150kg and no taller than 190cm. Which doesn’t rule out many people. It’s not heavy duty though, it’s only an aluminum frame so I can’t imagine it’s going to be particularly durable the more pressure and weight put on it, over an extended period of time.


At Brand, we love this chair. Our hearts love the great gaming chairs like noblechairs’ EPIC but our heads tell us that not everyone has the budget to afford the best gaming chairs on the market. Because with gaming you normally get what you pay for. So, if you need to set your sights a little lower in terms of price, possibly into the mid-range market then the Triigger 275 courtesy of Vertagear starts to become a contender.

They’ve made some very sensible choices. They’ve made it with an aluminum base, a corner cut, but they’ve used steel cabling so it’s able to offer stability, even for gamers up to 150kg. They’ve not gone as far as using 4D armrests but 2D instead, so they offer some level of flexibility and adaptability without going the full mile.

What we really like, is the breathable mesh that makes it super comfortable when gaming for longer periods, no stickiness, a little thing really, but really makes a difference. We personally like classic black chairs, but with a touch of color in the trim gives is a little bit of style. Add to that it’s elegant design, it’s difficult to complain about the Triigger 275.

With our sensible hats on, this is truly a good option for people with budgets to stick to. Especially for serious gamers.

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