Vertagear Triiger 350

At Brand, we’ve got a lot of time for the Vertagear Triigger. With it’s attractive, steel frame and aluminum, right from the start, the chair just oozes quality. Vertagear offer both a real leather and PU leather (The faux leather is fire retardant). Both are really high class and a serious contender for serious gamers.

In design, it’s going for a subtle, more classic design, with more emphasis placed on elegance rather than flamboyance, which is common with more budget chair options. The 350/SE perhaps gets its name from the number of components (350) used to provide gamers with a really comfortable, durable chair that is on our top list.

Brand Vertagear

Model Name Triigger 350/SE

Materials Used steel frame, aluminum base, cold foam batting (55kg/m³), fire retardant genuine leather or PU leather (extra thick, perforated) covering, nylon/PU casters, PU armrests

Feature-Set    4D-armrests, (lockable) 11° rocking, class 4 gaslift, lumbar/neck pillows, 90-135° reclinable backrest, silent/floor-friendly 60mm casters

At BRAND we have high expectations, and I’ll be honest, most chairs fail but not so with Vertagear’s Triigger. You definitely get what you pay for.

Features include 4d lockable armrests. The lock enables gamers to set the armrests at the angle that’s most comfortable for them.  The backrest has been built using premium materials, including a high-quality mesh that makes a massive difference to comfort, particularly during long gaming sessions.

Most gaming chairs set their weight limits at around 120-140 kilos, and this is where the Trigger really stands out because they set their limit at 200 kilos making it a great chair for heavier gamers. Add to that, the seat width is larger than normal, at 50 cm making it a great chair for bigger users.

The seat can be set at different depths to find the best sitting position, all controlled with a simple push button. The back can also have its angle changed. It has a 15-degree range and can be locked into 22 different positions. The level of flexibility is one of the reasons it’s become a firm favorite amongst serious gamers who take their comfort seriously.

One criticism is the lack of both neck and lumbar pillows. A lot of gamers really like them. It also has chosen to have nylon casters over metal which over time should increase the wear. But having said that, the casters are a lot more “floor-friendly” so there’s an argument to be made either way.

Finally, a massive positive is the density of padding. They’ve opted to go with a little more density 55kg/m³ which give a little more structure and support and ultimately, makes it more comfortable for gaming over long periods.

A really nice touch is how they’ve made the chair adjustable. They’ve identified the scenario where a gamer might need to make adjustments mid-game, so they’ve made it really easy and quick. The armrests have a trigger system that means it can be changed in seconds.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

Colour variants and headrest of the Triigger 350 and 350SE chair

The Vertagear Triigger 350/SE comes in a classic black, making it both suitable for gaming and in office environments. It also has a limited edition version that comes in red. The black color compliments the design to give the chair an overall feeling of luxury that wouldn’t be out of place in a corporate environment.

Although a headrest doesn’t come as standard, they’ve made on available at an additional cost. It’s a good headrest, multifunctional, and this way they are able to serve both the office and gamer markets

As far as chairs go, the Triigger 350SE  is in our top 5. It’s a serious chair, and it’s perfect for both serious and part-time gamers alike. It’s also great for home offices and even the boardroom.

You won’t find a 200 kilo anywhere else, not on such a premium chair anyway. The steel frame is really well utilized. We could go on all day. The larger seat adds a little extra, so does the adjustable height, that allows the chair to suit taller gamers.

It’s just a great all-around chair, the only criticisms are really minor and are easily brushed over because what’s really important in a chair has been really nailed.  Agreed, it’s not cheap. You have to pay for the privilege of owning a Triigger 350/SE but we happen to believe it still offers great value.

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