Vertagear SL5000 Buying & Size Guide

If you are all about the basics. A chair that’s comfortable, durable and ergonomic, No frills. Then you are looking at the right chair because that’s what the Vertagear’s SL5000 series represents. No gimmicks, just a nicely shaped chair, built on a durable steel frame, a class 4 gaslift,  All this at a very reasonable (mid-range) price.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

First impressions matter, and with the SL5000 you’ll have a good first impression. It’s a good looking chair. It’s designed to look like a racing-style car seat. Pretty sleek too. It’s opted for faux leather, which is a little cheaper and allows the chair to be priced a little more affordable. You really shouldn’t be choosing your chair by how it looks, it really should be about performance, in this case comfort and support, But let’s be honest with each other, looks to matter, and the SL5000 doesn’t disappoint.

For a mid-range chair, it’s not usual to have a chair that has 4D armrests, but the SL5000 does, it also has adjustable height, thanks to its Class 4 Gaslift and an ergonomic shape that makes it an effective at offering support and good for your posture.

The is full padding on the back, seat, and armrest, together with a neck and lumbar pillow. The chair has a lockable function. The backrest can be reclined from 80-140°. The one criticism I have is the chair is really flexible, which sometimes can leave the chair feeling a little unsteady

A feature I love the most is probably the high-density foam, that’ is open-cell. This makes it really breathable which really adds to the comfort, especially when working for extended periods of time. You stay cool. Another highlight is the size. It doesn’t really take up a lot of space. It measures 51.99 cm x 53.01 cm x 1.4 m and weighs 26.76 kg. It’s also pretty simple to put together. You don’t need to be technically minded to get this chair put together.

Looks matter, and you’re going to want a chair that fits the rest of your room, or wherever you’re setup your working space. The SL5000 comes in black. Which is the most popular, a lot of people like a classic look. It also comes in black-white, black-blue, black-green and black-red. Sure, some in this price bracket come with a few more options but still, the styles are looking good.

It’s a simple chair, it doesn’t come with any real accessories, just the tools you need assembly. It doesn’t really need any accessories, the chair height can be adjustable and the neck pillow and lumbar pillow come as standard and are attachable with elastic straps.

Any negatives?

As with other chairs in this range, the SL5000 has some limitations. The same can be said when looking at the chairs in terms of size guide. Its high backrest means it’s ergonomic and comfortable for taller users. The seat and backrest are well padded, you’ll feel supported, but the chair is a touch narrow, but on the positive, the steel frame with aluminum base. This sturdy structure allows for the chair to support up to 150kg so heavier gamers will be comfortable in this chair and will benefit from the same level of durability.


It’s a good all-round chair. It looks good, it’s supportive and it’s durable. It’s made from breathable faux leather and it offers plenty of padding. Overall it’s probably one of the better chairs at this price and I wouldn’t be disappointed to have to work for long periods of time in this chair. If I were to be critical it’s on the fact it can feel a little unstable, even though I don’t think it actually is, but that’s due to the level of flexibility it tires to offer. The other thing is, it’s a little narrow, But these are really minor criticisms, overall it’s a good chair and comes in a nice range of styles and colors too.

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