Vertagear SL2000 Buying & Size Guide

If you’re looking at the Vertagear SL2000 then congratulations, you know a great gaming chair when you see it. It’s designed to be subtle, especially compared to something from the DXRacer stable. It would be equally at home in an office as it would in a gaming den. It’s also ergonomic, offers a lot of functionality and it’s affordable. At this price range, you’ll do well to find a better chair. It comes down to what matters to you and your personal preference is when it comes to design.

Gaming in comfort and style

Looking at the Vertagear SL2000  a little more closely, there’s a lot to like. It’s basic in many ways, but by no means lacking in quality. It delivers in performance and with gaming chairs that means you’ll be able sit and play for hours with feeling it.

The chair offers plenty of functionality. The height adjusting gas lift mechanism makes the chair suitable for most gamers. It comes with with lumbar and neck cushions for increased support. The chair has 3D armrests and the backrest can recline from 90 degrees to 150 degrees, which is pretty cool, most chairs recline to 135 degrees.

The chair also has a rockable function that can be locked at all angles. All these adjustable features combined make this chair as adjustable as any mid-priced gaming chair on the market. If you’re about to get set for long gaming session you will want to shape the chair to  offer you maximum support and comfort as you’re gaming. That’s what all these adjustable features allow you to do.

Everything about this chair is premium besides the price. The base is made from aluminum where half the chairs at this price use a nylon base which is less durable and it doesn’t feel quiet as solid. The stability is reinforced by the steel metal frame which all the best chairs are made from.

On top of the frame we have a high-density foam padding that takes advantage of a open cell breathing structure that allows heat to dissipate from the seat, perfect when living it hot climates or gaming for long sessions.

All this is topped off with the very best quality castors that not only look good but move across most floor types smoothly and quietly. It’s actually amazing just how good this chair is at this price.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

The SL2000 comes in a nice selection of colours. They manage to offer something for everyone. The plain black version, thanks to it’s subtle design would be at home in an office or home office. The more vibrant offerings come in green, red, white, blue and pink. They’re fun designs and very popular with the younger gamers especially.

The chair is by no means a budget chair, but it’s tried to limit the frills and focus on what is truly important, the gaming experience. With that being said, it only has a couple of extra accessories and the are the lumbar and neck cushions.

Some people find a lot of value from having the extra support, other gamers just can’t be bothered, they just want to sit down and game without all the adjusting. Having the cushions optional means the gamer is in control, it also keeps the price down a little.

SL2000 Series Size Guide

As with most Vertagear chairs they really try to be accommodating to all gamers. To start with, rather than making a chair with a weight limit of 120 kg, which is the standard for the industry, they have a weight limit of 150 kg, which is 60 kg (9 stone) heavier than the average man.

The chair is equally as generous in terms of height. The height limit is 190 cm but gamers taller than that will also get all the benefits of the chair, they just won’t get the full value from the head support.

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