Vernazza Series

We have a lot of time for the Arozzi Vernazza gaming chairs. They’re an excellent chair with some strong features. We appreciate the We have a lot of time for the Arozzi Vernazza gaming chairs. They’re an excellent chair with some strong features. We appreciate the fact that it’s built on a metal frame, padded with some cold, moulded foam and finished with high-quality PU leather covering.

The Swedish team of designers had longevity in mind when they designed and built the Vernazza series which makes them such a good gaming chair. You can sit in one position for extended periods of time in relative comfort. At the same time, the chair comes with a horde of features that add to the experience. It’s not a cheap chair, it’s a premium brand but you definitely get more for your money too, making it worth the extra cost.

A gaming chair that’s both good looking and comfortable

The are no nasty surprises with the Vernazza series, you get everything you should expect from a premium gaming chair, and some. As standard, you’ll have adjustable features like the 3-dimensional armrests. You can adjust them in height and position, backward or forwards, in and out. If you are the type of gamer that sits down for hours, then you’ll want your chair to be able to fit you, for optimum comfort, and that’s exactly what this allows, regardless of size, height or preference.

Likewise, the tilt function allows for a range of 165 degrees, which is a lot more than most other chairs that offer adjustable tilt as a feature. The backrest can be conveniently locked into place so once you’ve found the perfect position you won’t have to alter it again!

A lot of chairs, especially more budget chairs either don’t have pillows are you have to pick between a lumbar cushion or a headrest pillow. The Vernazza offers both, and they are completely adjustable to add to your comfort and personal preference.

For practicality, the PU leather covering makes the chair easy to clean. It’s a little bit of an occupational habit, dropping food while gaming so having a chair that’s easily wiped down means you’re able to clear up the spillage quickly and you won’t have damaged the fabric of the gaming chair.

The Vernazza has been designed to be comfortable of durable for all gamers, regardless of size and weight. The guideline boast being able to comfortably support and offer the same level of comfort to gamers up to 160 KG and the chair is a generous 52cm in size.

As standard, you’ll have nylon casters which allow the chair to move smoothly on all types of surfaces while making the casters more durable.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for a premium chair that is ergonomically well designed, durable and attractive then you’re looking for a chair like the Vernazza. It comes with a load of great features and the name is great.

Colour variants of the Vernazza chair.

Arozzi Vernazza has a nice selection of different colours available. One of our favourite options is the more classic sleek black, but there is also the subtle black and white and some more vibrant colours including orange, red, green and a blue. There’s a colour that suits most preferences and rooms.

They don’t offer any additional accessories because the chair comes with headrest and lumbar cushions as standard so there’ no real need.

Vernazza Series Size Guide

The Vernazza is a great chair because it is inclusive. It is perfect for all gamers, regardless of shape and size and has a weight limit of 160 kg, which, let’s be honest, is not limiting for 99.9% of gamers. Similarly, it’s for taller individuals of up to 2 metres in height. The seat allows for an adjustment of height of 21.3 inches, that’s a maximum height from top to bottom of the chair. The final adjustment is with outer seat width, which can be adjusted up to 17.3 inches meaning the distance between armrest can be as much as 20.5 inches, making it comfortable for larger gamers.

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