The Arozzi Monza

If your goal is to find a gaming chair that’s for the serious gamer but doesn’t break the bank, in other words if you’re looking to have your cake and eat it, you’ve come to the right place!

The Monza series has been designed ergonomically to enhance the level of comfort it offers gamers during long sessions. They manage to do this, on a budget by using cheaper materials but balancing those material choices with thicker padding on the armrest and back than you’d expect at such a competitive price.

You won’t find real leather or a metal frame but the more cost effective PU leather and reinforced plastic, it might not sound exciting but it’s a sensible compromise, the materials offer solidity and durability without giving up too much.

Are you looking for cheap and cheerful?

The Monza has the classic Arozzi look of a racing car bucket seat, so if that’s the look you’re going for, and you are on a budget, this is probably the best option on the market today.

Because of the price, the chair doesn’t use leather but is made with PU leather instead which although cheaper also has the added value of being practical. It’s durable and easily cleaned.

The Monza offers 360 degrees swivel that makes its ideal for both gamers and office workers alike and unusual for chairs in this price range. The chair uses a gas spring mechanism to adjust height, which is important to note when assembling the chair as the gas system comes with plastic caps to protect the mechanism during transport, the caps need to be removed for the mechanism to function properly.

What we like about the chair are the armrests. Seems like an important component of a chair but they really make a difference when you game for longer periods. The armrests on the Monza are really well padded as well as having a real solid feel to them, more so than any other chair in this price range. However, they’re not adjustable for larger / smaller gamers; it’s a one-size fits all scenario.

Although PU leather, in this case, is well built and offers plenty of functionality, it is more prone to rips, add to that the weight limit of the chair, which is reported to be 100kg, then it’s really not ideal for larger gamers. Not long term. Although it’s pretty solid so you don’t need to worry about inviting friends round, it’s more an issue if regularly gaming for extended periods of time.

Similarly, although the backrest height on the Monza is adjustable, up to 79cm in fact, that’s not going to make it suitable to taller gamers. Probably anyone taller than 190cm or 6ft 2 will find other chairs more comfortable.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

This is one of Arozzi’s more affordable options, but it is still treated with the same attention to detail as the other Arozzi chairs available. Arozzi doesn’t like to offer accessories, they prefer to make things like cushions available as standard, and the Monza is no different. The only components you can buy tend to be the kind of parts that are prone to need replacing as the chair is used over time. Things like the gas pump mechanism or the headrest.

In terms of design, the Monza is offered with coloured trim including red, orange, pink, yellow, and green. They are all chosen to offer contrast to the black base leather that comes as standard across all chairs and together, with the racing seat shape of the chair give a sporty feel that a lot of gamers really like (and some hate). All in all, for the price, Arozzi do enough to make this more than just a boring cheap chair, it’s well made and offers just enough style.

Monza Series Size Guide

As we’ve mentioned already during the review, the Monza from Arozzi was never really designed for larger or taller gamers generally. The 100kg weight limit is pretty limiting compared to most chairs, and the recommended height limit of 190cm is standard but nothing special.

However, the chair is generous in seat size, offering 54cm which is one of the reasons it is so comfortable when gaming for long periods.  That’s reinforced with a backrest width of 51.5cm. Sometimes bigger is better, in many ways if you can’t spend more on materials, this would be one of those occasions.

You’d have to say that it’s a limiting chair, you can’t really consider it if you’re taller or large than average, but having said that, if you are medium sized then you’ll find it one of the more comfortable chairs in the price range and definitely worth considering.

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