If the look of a car really matters to you, like it does to us at brand, then you’re going to look admiringly at the PL6000 from Vertagear. For a chair that’s especially wide and tall, it’s surprisingly elegant. What we live is its evolution. The older PL6000 had an issue with its starbase. The castors they went with were on the large side which put additional pressure on the aluminum base. It seriously affected its durability.

Vertagear have looked at that and made adjustments. They’ve opted for thicker support structures, making it sturdier and giving it a feeling of solidity. This is especially noticeable when the chair is in its reclined position.   We find the armchairs fully adjustable, they can not only be raised and lowered but titled and swiveled for maximum comfort.

Standing an epic 54 inches tall, with a generous 20-inch spread from armchair to armchair, It is also 20 inch deep. It’s a huge chair, perfect for gamers of all sizes and shapes. No bottom is too big for the PL6000.

Looking a little closer, we notice the chair is made from a steel and aluminum alloy. It makes it sturdy and solid, but also relatively lightweight. One noticeable point to highlight is the seat. When it arrives, it will be a little stiff. Rigid even. But as you sit on it, it will start to mold itself to your derriere making it super comfortable, almost unrivaled in that capacity.

It’s PVC leather, that covers a high-density foam. The gives us mixed feelings The high-density foam, a little more dense than your standard foam, adds to the support and comfort of the chair, but now we’ve become used to the superior comfort, breathability, and luxury of real. What we like is that it’s perforated, which helps to remove some of the heat and avoids the stickiness we’re used suffering through when gaming for a long time. That gives it a huge advantage over chairs using materials that aren’t permeable.

We love the coloring of the PL6000.  It’s a simple charcoal black with little flashes of color. The chair comes with blue, red, white, green and yellow flashes, so something to suit most people’s tastes. We love classic looking chairs, we’d prefer something with more subtle trimming, but we can imagine that other gamers might prefer having something a little more vibrant without being overwhelming and we think the PL6000 hits the sweet spot.

Then there’s the lumbar cushion. It’s not fixed to the chair but rather loose. It’s not all bad news because it allows you to manually adjust it for maximum but what’s really frustrating is that every time you stop gaming for a bathroom break or to get a snack, you have to readjust it manually. You know what it’s like when you’re in a middle of a game. Totally absorbed, you don’t want to be messing about with the lumbar pillow.

After all that moaning about it being loose, we have to say, it’s pretty nicely shaped. And when you find the right position, it offers great support especially when you settle down for an epic gaming session. You also get a neck cushion which also is supportive.

PL6000 Series Size Guide

The reviewed PL6000 in black and orange colors from the side

PL6000 Series Guide with max user’s weight and height.

The PL6000 is a colossal chair. It’s designed for older teenagers and adults, anyone over 5 foot 9.  But there are no real limitations at the top end. Pretty much anyone up to 7 foot, and if you’re taller than 7 foot, chances are you’re an NBA legend and you can afford to have your own chair made for you. If you’re a touch shorter than 5 foot 9 it might make sense to replace the gas lift with a shorter one, it’s not great for your back to have your feet dangling from the seat.

The seat is equally accommodating. It’s more than comfortable too, with no struts pressing into the thighs. The chair has also been designed for larger gamers too, supporting users up to 200 kilos. You’ll feel solid and stable regardless of your size.


If you want a good looking chair that’s evolved into a great chair by listening to feedback, you’re in the right place. If you want a chair that’s a little larger and more comfortable than most other chairs, you’ll also like the PL6000. It has a specific look, its charcoal black with chunks of colors, Those who like it, absolutely love it. The lumbar and neck cushions are loose which has some benefits and some drawbacks. Overall, it’s a great chair reasonably priced for everyone. However, if you’re a taller or heavier gamer, and you like long sessions, it’s a must.

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