noble chairs: EPIC Series

Back in 2017, noblechairs launched their first gaming chair with the EPIC series, and epic it certainly was. At Brand, we’ve been involved with gaming for a long time, and we’ve reviewed hundreds of chairs, so we feel we can talk with conviction.

So, when we say that this chair is by far the best chair of 2017, and possibly one of the best chairs ever. In terms of quality, comfort, and style you should take us seriously. And you should definitely take the EPIC series seriously.

It’s on a par with the seating of a genuine luxury sports car. Nothing is overlooked. We’re talking German precision engineering, the very best materials and a keen sense of ergonomics. They became the first ever gaming chair to use genuine leather too.

The clever Germans used a premium sports car’s chair as their inspiration, but not just in design, they went so far as to base their entire manufacturing process on it. They even use the same machinery, that’s how they can deliver the same levels of quality. The same precision stitching and quality of upholstery.

At Brand… We were one of the first to get our hands on both the EPIC series’ genuine leather and faux leather giving the first full reviews. We’ve shared those reviews and we’ve created our Size- and Buying-Guides and put together some detailed videos of us assembling, using and comparing the two EPIC version chairs.

Let’s start at the top with the luxurious full leather EPIC Series Gaming Chair. The leather is not just trim, it’s not a sales pitch. It’s a full leather seat with a PU coated backside. But, what exactly does that mean when you’re sat in it, gaming?

Genuine Leather: Why it really matters.

It’s a given that leather, as in real leather, is better quality. It’s more expensive than PU leather for a start. But do you know how it’s better? Why it matters? Because it’s more than just for the prestige. There are more reasons than many people realize:

Genuine leather is not easily damaged; it doesn’t suffer from UV-light damage particularly easy either. So it’s more durable.

It’s not very easy to rip or tear

It’s more breathable; it absorbs humidity better than PU does.

It doesn’t crack so easily.

Real leather is more comfortable, especially as it matures.

So, genuine leather has its advantages but having said that, noblechairs use really high-quality faux leather, by PU standards, it’s especially durable and good quality, making the difference less noticeable. Ultimately, it comes down to a matter of taste. Do you really want the extra luxury, the extra comfort, and style? Perhaps ethically, you prefer the faux leather, after all, it’s 100% vegan? They are both truly amazing chairs.

The Assembly

If you’ve checked out our video (and it’s totally worth your time if you haven’t yet) then you would have probably noticed how easy it is to assemble the chair. All told, it took 10 minutes to put together which is pretty quick. Compared to other chairs we’ve put together in our time, that was one of the easiest chairs to put together.

EPIC have thought about it. They’ve made it really easy to put together by using clever components, precisely made. Nothing is ambiguous and it all fits together perfectly

First Impressions Matter

Even the deliveryman, who is used to delivering gaming chairs to us, bemoaned the weight of this package. It’s heavy because it’s made with quality materials, and with gaming, chairs quality weighs more.

The numbers tell the same story. Not especially designed for a larger framed gamer, the EPIC series chairs weigh an epic 27 kilos, which is a little more than 2 kilos heavier than its main competitors, DXRacer. It’s even heavier than its little brother, the King series.

Delivering ergonomic support with lumbar and neck cushions

With the EPIC Series, the genuine leather version was ordered, it came with red cushions, but black cushions are available too. Surprisingly, they’re made from some nice fabrics instead of faux leather which adds to the comfort. They offer a velvet-like texture and feel that adds to the sense of luxury. The pillows feature some noblechairs branding and some good looking stitching.

Side boulders of the EPIC’s seat and backrest

It’s a balance that a good gaming chair needs to find. The middle ground between offering comfort and breathing room, but at the same time, enough side support to make long-term gaming more comfortable. You get that genuine “race car” feeling thanks to pronounced side boulders. They’ve hollowed out the boulders a little for added comfort, mostly thanks to listening to community feedback.

Isn’t it nice when a company actually listens to their users?

The chair’s real leather covering at a glance

The real leather is the headline act with this chair. Immediately, we’re impressed. We were impressed with the concept, but in real life, it just oozes quality.  It’s noticeable; it has a flawless look, not a wrinkle in sight. It’s not something you can pull away from the frame like you often can with PU faux leather. It just looks and feels the real deal. Because it is.

Precise manufacturing and stitching.

The underlying foam is really high density which adds to the sense of having something genuinely substantial. It’s almost reassuring. It’s a hefty 55kg/m³ density. It boasts that elegant diamond pattern you’ll find on a Lamborghini seat and other top-of-the-range sports cars. It works perfectly with the shape. The seams are perfectly placed, that precision engineering at work again.

Logo applications on the EPIC real leather chair.

That are some emblems that you show off with pride. That really matters. The Ferrari badge is almost the most important part of the car. That’s exactly what you have with the noblechairs’ motif. It tells everyone that this is the best of the best. The crown is embossed in the center of the headrest. Front and center. Very classy.

What about the armrests?

Most of the better gaming chairs have 4 directional armrests. But in this case, the armrests are pretty sturdy. Much better in fact. One of the minor criticisms this type of armrest has faced is the unsteadiness they give. It’s the nature of the beast. They haven’t won that battle but this is one of the better attempts and they’re topped off with some comfortable padding, more so than its competitors like DXRacer or AKRacing.

Footrest and casters

At brand, we like to start our reviews by weighing the chair’s base. We feel like it gives us a good idea as to the quality of the materials and the chair’s toughness. Gaming chairs are prone to take a bit of abuse, you want a chair that can stand up to that.  As a general rule of thumb, cheaper chairs use cheaper materials and I’ve seen broken nylon or aluminum bases before now. It’s a common stress point of the chair. The EPIC is one of the heaviest bases we’ve had come into the (Brand) office. We’re also pretty impressed with the look. The matte finish looks the part.

The casters are rimless, made out of a mix of nylon and PU, they’re soft and roll smoothly and quietly. Very good quality, very functional. A little basic, no rollerblades and they’re not lockable but you won’t hear any complaints.

Test Sitting: The EPIC Series Real Leather

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. A chair is for sitting on, so how does the EPIC chair measure up in terms of ergonomics, comfort and “climate”? You need to spend some time actually gaming on the chair to really be able to offer a critique on its comfort.  It’s been a year now since we first got our hands on the EPIC series real leather. We’ve spent hundreds of hours gaming in it. This is what we think about the chair, having used it.

Test-sitting the EPIC genuine leather version.

Comfort & Ergonomics

Noblechairs offer a good balance of ergonomic support with adequate breathing room.  You won’t feel claustrophobic. The side boulders have been leveled out which helps with that balance. It’s really easy to see why it’s such a crowd pleaser. They’ve designed a chair that’s a good a fit for all shapes and sizes.

The cold foam has a higher density which gives a firmer feel, makes the chair feel solid and reassuring. There is a common misconception amongst some gamers that softer chairs are better for you, but the opposite is true. You need support, especially if you’re going to be gaming for an extended period of time. Excessively soft is not going to afford you that support.

So it’s about support but reinforced with comfortable cushions. That’s what EPIC offers, their real leather cushions surpass the standard PU-cushion. We love that velvet feeling too. It adds a sense of luxury and opulence. It just feels more comfortable.

Sitting Climate & Durability

In hotter climates, or during the warmer summer months, the EPIC’s real leather has no equal. The leather is just infinitely more breathable than any faux leather competitors. You’ll sweat less, you won’t have the sticky feeling which makes gaming uncomfortable.

We made sure that everyone in the office spent time in the chair. Both for gaming and also just general work. We wanted to see how durable it is. Even after a year of use, there’s no obvious sign of use or wear. It looks almost new. That’s thanks to the real leather, which is much more resistant to abrasions. With a synthetic material, you will start to see those fine wrinkles and cracks we’ve all become accustomed to.


The EPIC is a pretty flexible chair. It has plenty of adjustable features. Let’s just go through them, but feel free to watch the video too.

4-directional armrests: The EPIC’s armrests can be rotated, moved up/down, in/out as well as forwards and backward.

Backrest: You have plenty of scope with a range of 11 degrees and the EPIC backrests reclines between 90-135° or do both at the same time. The rocking function lockable.

Neck & lumbar support: You can remove both cushion and the height is adjustable.

Sitting height: The EPIC has a class 4 gas-lift. This gives it an adjustable range of 10cm. It has a seated height range of 49.5cm to 59.5cm.

EPIC Series: The Real Leather Version Is The Real Deal

noblechairs have broken the mold with their real leather version. It ticks every single box. And frankly, it’s about time a gaming chair manufacturer took the plunge and created a real leather option. You get the very best materials, real precision engineering and an elegant and luxurious design. You get first class ergonomics and comfort with really breathable materials. By far the best gaming chair on the market.

Our Review Of The Faux Leather EPIC Series

At BRAND we’re keen to give our readership all the information they need to be able to choose the right chair. So it wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t spend some time reviewing the faux leather variation.

You get a lot of the same benefits and features of the leather versions we’ve just waxed lyrical about. That’s because essentially the mechanics and most of the materials are the same.

The EPIC Series Faux Leather Chair boasts the same armrests and casters as the leather version, the same quality in the pillows too.

The Faux leather version has the same heavy duty, durable steel frame and aluminum base. It has the same class 4 gaslift with a 10cm range. The covering consists of a fire retardant, faux leather that meets the highest level of safety regulations.

At a glance, from an afar, there is very little difference between the real leather and faux leather variations. They both are easy on the eye, but, let’s look a little deeper and compare the two.

Differences: The Devil’s In The Details

EPIC Series real and faux leather seat differences

A closer look at the stitching

Just like the leather chair, the faux has that same diamond pattern making them look similar, it’s only when you look deeper does the authentic leather look a little different. The same precision is there though.

The PU leather has some innovative design features. It has a perforated surface that makes it much more breathable. Leather has that functionality and this is a clever way to mimic that.

Faux suede highlighting the side boulders

There’s a strip of suede “look-alike” that runs across the side boulders. It helps to connect the backrest cover and the front, in such a way, it gives off a very elegant, luxurious feel. It also softens the look.

Crown emblem on headrest

Extra prominent headrest-logo

When comparing this version to the leather I found that the shield and logo is a lot more pronounced. It is almost boastful where the leather version is more understated. Personally, we prefer the leather version but it’s just a matter of taste.

Our opinion? Faux leather at it’s very best

We are gaming chair nerds. We’ve tested out and used every gaming chair worth its salt. That’s why we feel qualified to make grand statements like “This is hands down, the best faux leather chair we’ve had the pleasure to sit on and game”. You can quote us on that.The faux leather, with its perforations, not only looks real, it’s more breathable and feels more similar to real leather than any other chair on the market. When you factor in all the functionality and adaptability and the budget-friendly price, compared to its leather brother, it represents amazing value for money.

Even after all that praise, we’d still opt for the leather version. It’s more expensive but for me, we ’d pick the real deal over the best replica version. It all depends on budget. But if you want the very best, if comfort is essential to you, then all you really need to do is choose which chair suits your bank balance.

Colour Styles: From Classic Conference Chair To Fancy Racing Seat

The EPIC is the first gaming chair seriously able to attract customers beyond the games community. With their sophisticated brown/beige and brown/black real leather models, the German designers created something astonishingly beautiful that undoubtedly fits into the finest conference room or manager’s office.

We’ve mentioned how impressed we have been with how the EPIC series can accommodate gamers of all shapes and sizes. This is especially important for those gamers who are perhaps a little taller or heavier than the average gamer.

This is down to the relative flatness of the side boulders and the shape and adaptability of the headrest. Being so robust helps too. The gaslift on this model means it’s not ideal for gamers shorter than 170 meters. noblechairs are working to address this and the next version is likely to have a smaller gaslift. But, tall gamers don’t have a problem. All the way up to 195 cm +.

In terms of weight recommendations, noblechairs has put a weight recommendation of 120 kilos. Doesn’t sound a large number, indeed, others might boast 150 kilos but that’s because noblechairs have really strict quality standards and they want customers, regardless of weight to enjoy the same comfort. They also take into account load spikes. The extra pressure added during the actual process of sitting down.

Our verdict: A Game changer for gaming chairs

It’s been the most pleasurable review we’ve ever had to write. The EPIC series is… well… EPIC. Whether you opt for the first ever genuine leather edition or the PU leather budget-friendlier option, you won’t find another chair that comes close to being its equal. You get classic elegance, top materials, superb comfort and award winning customer service.

Materials: They took the plunge and created the first ever real leather chair. Enough said.  The PU is exceptional too. It’s perforated to allow more breathability, it’s thicker and perfectly fitted.

Workmanship: You have the world famous “German Engineering” with noblechairs. It won’t rattle, you won’t find any loose threads, everything is precise.

Design: The perfect blend of opulence and sportiness. Think top of the range sports car. You get a variety of color schemes to pick from. Some of the classic styles are popular in a professional environment, especially the genuine leather chairs because they offer such value.

Customer-Support: They take care of their customers at noblechairs. It’s as comprehensive as their design and manufacturing. It’s just another example of their attention to detail. They’re attentive and go out their way to over deliver.

Expertise: They are innovative and market leaders. They’ve gone out, looked at what the gaming industry needs, they’ve adopted all the expertise of genuine sports car.

Noblechairs push boundaries. They have done since inception. They’re starting to revolutionize the gaming industry by setting new standards, trying new things. They’ve asked the question “why can’t a gaming chair be as comfortable as a chair from a luxury sports car?“ and they’ve decided there is no reason why not so they’ve gone away and made it a reality. That’s the EPIC. The best gaming chair on the market.

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