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Nitro Concepts E200

If you love chairs with an imposing design this is a gaming chair worthy of your attention. It’s a comforting chair with noteworthy arm-rests and the rollers are pretty decent too. This is the type of chair that not only looks good, it’s also a great chair for gaming for long periods of time. It has a slightly futuristic feel to it. It’s bold and elegant. If you like that you’ll dig this chair.

The throne like aesthetic the chair has gives it a regal feel with a contemporary twist. It has a four splayed 360 degree rollers and “slim” arm-rests. It’s been designed for the average gamer so it’s most comfortable for gamers around the 80kg and 180 cm bracket. However, it’s pretty comfortable for smaller and larger gamers. It has a functional height adjusters that actually works. It adjusts to 4 different height positions.

Honestly, I’d suggest other chairs if you are a taller or bigger gamer and you are a gamer who plays for long periods of time. However,  they will be slightly more expensive. If you don’t have the extra funds available this wouldn’t be the worst choice you make all things considered but try to remember, with chairs it’s worth the investment.

The Nitro Concepts E200 chair comes in a very sleek black colour. This helps it to fit in with most decors and with it’s design, it looks more imposing and expensive that really it is. If you want to soften it up, a lot of people use a splash of colour with a well placed cushion or blanket. Alternatively, there are some variations offering some accented colour if that’s your preference but it’s the sleek black is the best seller.

The faux leather and foam provide an all-together comfortable gaming experience . There are not any bells and whistles. No accessories, it’s just a solid, comfortable gaming chair, that looks good. It also means you can have it set up and in place within minutes of receiving it.

E200 Series Size Guide

As we’ve already discussed, the chair has been built and works optimally for gamers who are average in height and build. Which in this case is around 180cms tall and 80-85kg. There are a few other features to take into account. The castors measure at 50mm and it has a 15 degree flexible recline that allows the chair to rock. However, it’s lockable if you prefer.

It’s a really good looking chair, that’s comfortable. At it’s affordable. There’s a lot to love if you are on the lookout for an entry level chair and budget is important. You need the right mindset though. It’s not going to fair well if you are trying to compare the E200 with a noblechair, for example, because it would be like comparing a Nissan with a Ferrari but it doesn’t mean the Nissan is not a very good car, does it?

There’s a lot to like about the E200 and it would get our recommendation if it fits your price range and you like it’s style.

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