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Nitro Concepts C80

Nitro Concepts C80

The best selling Nitro Concepts chair in 2017 and 2018 is easily the Nitro Concepts C80 line. Simply because it’s the most affordable and being an entry level brand, buyers are very price sensitive.

But apart from being affordable, the C80 is a well put together chair in its own right. You get decent materials (relative to the price range) and great customer support too.

There are 3 models in the C80 line. The Pure, Comfort and Motion.

All 3 models are 360° swivel chairs that offer rocking mechanism up to 15°. So there is a certain amount of flexibility. You also have the option of locking the chair into one position or allowing it to swing freely.

Where the 3 models differ most is in their appearance as well as each model offering some slight different features that make them unique to the others in the line.

In terms of design, Gaming chairs in the series come in black. They offer 5 different accents of colour. Green, orange, red, blue white or you can have it all black. Part of the accent can be the stiching. The casters are also accented to match the colour of chair. The accent colours can be found on edges of the backrest and also on the side of the front of the seat.

This chair has been build for a little extra comfort. It’s most advantageous feature is that it comes with extra thick moulded foam. Something you might expect from a more expensive chair. But it manages it by stripping the chair of any additional, some might say unnecessary features, and just making it about comfort.

As a rule of thumb, the cheaper the chair the less comfortable the chair is when gaming for longer periods. Not so with the C80 line , it more than holds its own against most chairs in the mid range.

We’re talking about breathable imitation leather with extra padded seating and backrest. The backrest is well shaped to allow the gamer to maximize the support and comfort. It’s adjustable for people up to 6 foot, but it wouldn’t be uncomfortable if you’re a little taller, you might struggle if you are much taller though.


These are good chairs for the average gamer. They look the part, and there’s plenty of accents to choose from. But they are also well made too, they’ll last. One of the most prominent features is their level of comfort that makes them stand out from the rest of the chairs in this price range. They are great chairs for gaming for long periods and although the material is PU leather, so not the most breathable, they do their best to mitigate as much as possible without breaking the bank and losing the value for money tag.

If this is your price range, and you are going to be picking up a entry chair, or you are not a serious gamer and you just need a chair that will provide comfort for the occasions you play this has to be a strong candidate.

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