GT Omega Sport Buying & Size Guide

This is an excellent gaming chair. It is not quite in the same league as the King Series, from DXRacer, and doesn’t quite meet the same standards as a noblechair but then it’s also a lot cheaper. But it’s such a good chair that at this price point I think there is a strong argument that it’s one of the best chairs on the market in terms of value for money. You pay a mid-range price and you get a premium standard gaming chair.

It’s a good looking chair. It follows the motor sport theme but rather than a bucket seat it’s the kind of chair you’d expect in a higher end sports car. It has the shape and feel to it. It’s also made from great materials which you can tell, it looks solid and expensive.

That solidity does not just have aesthetic value, it was built that way so it can offer the same gaming experience for larger users. It’s taller and wider than other models, and that extra room together with the high quality materials gives the chair a maximum weight capacity of 150 kg.

There’s a lot to love about this chair but it doesn’t get any better than the price.

Quality and comfort regardless of your size

This is a mid-range priced chair with premium chair features. For example, most chairs at this price point will have either fixed armrests or possibly 3 directional armrests (3D). The GT Omega Sport actually has 4D armrests, the most technologically advanced armrest type on the market right now.

The tilting mechanism allows the chair to tilt up to 160 degrees and can be locked into place, perfect if you like to kick back and relax in your chair. Doesn’t sound like a big deal but the reinforced mechanism means you chair can offer the same range and support for gamers up to 150 kg, which is pretty impressive.

The chair is build on a steel frame, which gives it the solidity, on top of high-density cold-moulded foam that is firm and forgiving at the same time. It also offers limited foam memory, so once you’ve sat in the chair for a short while, if you get it to hit the fridge or toilet, it will hold the foam in place for you. There’s nothing worse than being comfortable, having to move and when you come back you struggle to get comfortable again.

The base of the chair is made from aluminium and is a wider star-shaped base than the average chair to offer more stability. The castors are equally as high performing and allow the chair to move across most floor surfaces with ease.

Finally, lets discuss the design. If you’ve got this far in the description and looked at the images as you’ve scrolled down, you must have seen something you like. It’s a very distinctive design High back, imposing side boulders and vents in the back. All the things we expect from a high-end gaming chair.The faux leather is both dramatic and practical.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

I like the look of the chair in black. I can see it in my office where I have to sit for most of the day. It will give me the support I need and it’s ergonomic design helps me keep my spine in line because sitting all day it’s not great for your back. If anybody comes to visit me in a professional capacity, my chair doesn’t look out of place. Then, when my working day finishes I can kick back and relax with some gaming. I get the best of both worlds.

If you are not like me and you’re just looking for a chair for all out gaming, you might prefer to have a bit of colour in your chair. Not enough to be distracting but enough to make the chair feel fun and modern. You’ll like the variations with red blue and white trim, including inside the vents in backrest which looks cool.

In terms of accessories, they offers an extended gas lift raise of 2cm in case you are a taller gamer and you are feeling a little low at maximum settings. You also get to upgrade your armrest if you’d like more padding.The rollerblade wheels are a nice touch too, they are a lot quieter on wooden flooring than standard castors.

Sport Series Size Guide

This is a chair built for large gamers. For a start it has an upper weight limit of 150 kg, which is a lot more than the standard 120 kg. The backrest is higher and wider, the seating area is wider, everything about this chair has been designed to offer the same comfort and support for gamers regardless of their shape and size.

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