GT Omega Racing

GT Omega Racing

GT Omega Racing as one of the most popular UK gaming chair brands on the market right now. They made their name producing racing simulator cockpits, hence the name, but when gaming chairs really started to get exciting, back in 2014, they saw an opportunity and ran with it.

They were part of the boom and sold a load of chairs, especially on the lower budget end of the market, with their EVO, PRO and MASTER models representing more modest offerings when compared to rivals like DX Racer and AKRacing. The market was always budget chairs. There are more part-time gamers than there are serious gamers, but recently, the brand has taken the bull by the horns and expanded their model range to include some more premium lines that are definitely worth a closer look at.

The new breed of GT Omega Racing chairs come with features like 4D armrests and a higher than standard density of 60kg/m³. These are the kind of features you might expect in a modern, premium brand racing chair but the best news is, the pricing hasn’t had a makeover, making a model like the GT Omega One extremely good value for money. It makes a great chair the sensible choice to make. It’s always a good thing when the heart and head agree on something.

Is A GT Omega Racing Chair Worth It?

The standout has to be the value for money this chair offers up, but besides that, how does the chair stack up? It’s a step down from the premium brands such as noblechairs and Vertagear, let’s make no mistake. But having said that, it’s a lot cheaper and it holds its own against mid-range chairs.

One of the things that we love about GT Omega is their attitude to moving forwards. They have a habit of throwing the outdated out and starting fresh with new designs, something akin to Apple’s policy. There is very little doubt that the GT Omega is worth the investment it’s one of the best price-to-performance ratio chairs out there.

GT Omega at a glance:

Adjustability: Backrest (85-160° tilting), lockable rocking, 4D-armrests, seat height

Materials: Steel frame, aluminum base, PU-leather covering, class 4 gaslift

Features: Lumbar and headrest pillow, stylish casters

Load capacity: 120 kilos (PRO) to 150 kilos (EVO, MASTER)

Upholstery: Cold moulded foam with a density of 60kg/m³ and 75-80° hardness

Who should be looking to buy a GT Omega?

For a start, if you’re a larger gamer it might not be the right chair for you. You won’t get a lot of support or comfort when gaming for extended periods of time.  And, whilst we are talking negatives, there is a significant difference in quality when compared to the premium brands like noblechairs. This is more apparent in the choice of materials and the build quality.

But, with that out of the way, this is a great chair in so many ways. It has a load of features, it’s comfortable and it looks good, and the price is exceptionally good. That’s quite a seductive mix.

GT Omega chairs at a glance

It’s not a big range, just a handful , so it’s easy to breeze through.

S Race

All GT Omega Racing Chairs At A Glance

Since GT Omega’s product range consists of only three chairs and I do not have detailed insight into sales figures to find our the best-selling colours, it is hardly possible to announce a top 3. But anyways, check out this guide for all available GT Omega chairs and use it to find your favourite model that fits your size and gusto. I will also provide you with reviews and pictures of my field-testing experiences with this brand as soon as I can put something together – stay tuned!

S: Race Car Feeling For The Slim

The Sport Office Chairs are pretty new to GT Omega’s product range. They focus on slimmer gamers for whom they offer great support due to the compact measurements regarding width and the aggressive side support. The user’s height, however, is not that limited and on par with most of the other, more generous dimensioned chairs.

To give you a clue, I would say that the maximum user’s weight should be around 80 kilos and the height should not exceed 190 centimetres (+/- 5%).


Sport Guide

M: Pro Office Chairs For Regular Sized

The Pro Office Chair comes in loads of different colour styles from red, blue, green all the way to black and white. Size-wise it has roughly the same fit as the popular DXRacer R-Series – 1.75-1.85m and 70-85kg = optimum – but offers a more comprehensive set of functions.

The rather generous measurements might encourage larger gamers to try this seat but they will most likely get foiled by the pronounced side boulders. Do not get me wrong, these are great and give you that racing like feeling, almost like someone is hugging you from behind. It is just that wider guys often feel a little cramped on a racing seat formed that way.


PRO Guide

L: EVO And MASTER Also Fit Athletic Or Larger Built Gamers

Taking a look at the raw data aka measurements of these chairs one might argue that there can not be much different to the PRO model concerning users’ size. But do not be mistaken since the flattened side boulders of the seat are a major factor here. Furthermore, a stronger frame, a deeper seating surface, and a higher sitting height provide for more breathing room and maximum load capacity.

Both XL chairs, the MASTER and the EVO, are comparable to the King Series of DX and I would say that anyone above 1.80m and 80 kilos is going to sit comfy as well as ergonomically. However, I also think it is wise to cap this recommendation to a maximum user height of 1.95m and a weight limit of about 95 kilos. The winner of the duel EVO XL vs. MASTER XL is dependent on your design preferences, although I would give the EVO a tiny advantage for heavier gamers since its backrest is effectively wider.

Please note that I have not laid hands on these GT Omega Racing chairs yet, so these references are based on my experience and user feedback.

Evo XL

EVO XL Guide

Master XL


XL: The New Pro XL For The Beefy Guys

GT Omega recently added a new tier to their product range: With the Pro XL they now feature a chair that offers roughly the dimensions of a Sentinel chair by DXRacer but with its side boulders slightly more pronounced. The effective width of its backrest is 5,5-7,5cm greater in relation to the other XL seats of GT Omega while the seating surface of the Pro XL even beats them by a plus of 9 centimetres.

So as far as user’s weight goes you will probably be okay until about 100-110 kilos – height-wise it is business as usual with a max of around 1.95m.

Pro XL

PRO XL Guide

GT’s Pet Issue: Racing Simulator Cockpits And Wheel Stands

Racing games have never been my cup of tea, but ever since I tried a Playseat of a good friend with force feedback and all that stuff, I understand why this genre has so many fans. I just think I can not talk about GT Omega Racing and not bring up their underlying hobbyhorse which is gaming simulators and wheel stands.

I most definitely do not have the expertise to give you advice or analyze their different racing products in detail, but if you are into racing games, you should give GT Omega a chance. From gear shifters over compact but versatile stands to full cockpits (ART and PRO) with appliances for multiple monitors and your steering wheel – it is all there and worth checking out!

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