One of the best user reviews I read about the PRO XL, when doing my research on this chair is that “you can do a lot worse”. High praise indeed. But essentially it’s true. It’s a good chair, it’s mid-ranged, made with good materials and has a nice finish. At this price, there aren’t many stand out options and ultimately, because there are a few chairs that are this quality, it comes down to preference in design.

Essentially this is a racing simulator chair that has been converted into an office chair, which makes it a great gaming chair too. So it has a lot of usages and a lot of that is thanks to it’s sleek, slightly modernist design that is both elegant and ergonomic. But let’s break it down and see what it offers upon closer inspection.

Feel like a pro

The first thing I notice when taking a closer look at the PRO from GT Omega is how robustly built the chair is. It looks like it can take more than its share of  wear and tear and stay in great shape. Checking reviews, that holds true from user experience too.

The numbers support the data as well. It has an upper weight limit of 150 kg meaning that it offers the same gaming experience regardless of your shape and size. Not many chairs can say that, especially not at the is price.

It almost feels as though the chair envelops you as you sit in it. The side boulder draw you in and you feel cradled. You get support in all the right places helping you maintain good posture which is important if you plan to settle down for a long gaming session.

The armrests are 4D. This means you can adjust them in 4 different directions to get the perfect position. And it’s not just the arm rest that can be adjusted. The chair can be reclined to find the perfect position and when you find it you can lock it into place. Likewise, you get the rocking function which can also locked into place when you’ve found the perfect position.

The chair is built on a steel frame to give it the solid feel, it’s also got a five star aluminium base for added stability. Add all those adjustable functions, on a solid and durable frame, add a class 4 gas lift mechanism and you’ve got a great  chair.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

This chair has a style to it. You’ll either dig it, or it won’t be your cup of tea and if you’re taking the time to read this, you know you’ve picked out a great chair, it’s just a matter of finding the right colour choice. The PRO XL comes with synthetic leather material  and has a variety of colour combinations: from the more subtle all in one black, to the more vibrant black with red accent, black with blue accent, and black with white accent.

In other words, if you’re looking for a gaming chair that will sit in the corner of a more elegant room or office space there’s something for you, and if you’re looking for a chair for your den or gaming room there’s other choices that will be a better fit. A nice touch is that the stitching on all the chair match the relevant colour schemes.

PRO XL Series Size Guide

Generally speaking the PRO XL has been designed to be a great chair for everyone, regardless of your shape and size. We’ve already talked about the upper weight limit of 150 kg which is 30 kg more than most other chairs on the market, especially chairs in the mid-range price range.

Having said that, the 56 cm seat is pretty wide, it just my be a touch restrictive for larger gamers, something to be wear of.

Otherwise, the PRO XL ticks all the boxes. It’s supportive, generous, robust and a chair that both a kid and a basketballer would enjoy sitting on to game. The backrest comes up at around 96 cm so not intimidating and can be titled back 160 degrees.

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