GT Omega MASTER XL Buying & Size Guide

The Master XL from GT Omega is a good looking chair that’s been designed to offer every gamer, no matter their size, the same gaming experience. Within that in mind, the chair is trying to cater for those gamers who are normally less comfortable in standard sized gaming chairs.

The chair has all the normal features you would expect from a chair out of the GT Omega stable, the same standards of quality are met too. This is a well made chair, built to last. It offers a lot for a mid-ranged chair and it comes down to which chair you like the look of.  Do you like what you see with the Master XL? If you do, then you should get buy it because it’s looks are backed up by a comfortable, durable chair.

Robust and comforting

GT Omega makes no apologies for the Master XL being targeted at larger gamers. The chair is designed to accommodate taller gamers,, it’s also a touch wider, with an extremely generous weight limitation (150 kg)

The average gamer spends 20-30 hours a weeking sat in their gaming chair, it’s important that it’s comfortable. One of the ways to ensure that you’re comfortable is to personalize the chair to your body. The armrests help, they are 3D and can be adjusted to your perfect gaming position. It can also tilt and swivel up to 180 degrees which is particularly impressive, most other chairs only offer tilt range up to 135 degree. Just as importantly, when you find the perfect position you can lock it in place.

Add to that the class 4 gas lift to adjust the height and you have a chair that can be personalized to the gamer and once you’ve found it, it’s locked into place so you can jump on and play without having to keep readjusting.

Aesthetically, the chair has its fans. Many chairs in the mid-range are a little bland, if truth be told. They realize that with a neutral design they could attract the office chair market too. Two birds with one stone. Not so with the GT Omega MASTER XL, the design is bold and even the plain black version is clearly a gaming chair.

Finally, lets talks about the levels of comfort this chair is able to deliver. Built on a steel frame with aluminum base, it’s extremely solid. The design is ergonomic, in many ways mimicking  a motor racing car seat. The PU Leather looks good and is practical choice too, it’s pretty durable and easy to clean. It’s also the kind of material that looks just as good 1000 hours of gaming later. You also get additional support around the neck and lumbar region which adds to the comfort of the chair, especially when gaming for a few hours.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

In terms of colour options, there are 4 as standard. The classic black ia subtle with only the shape and the logo to give away the chair’s true calling. Other than black, there’s a red, white and blue option. The colour is found down the centre of the chair with a flash of colour of the side boulders.

There are some decent accessories to choose from. The 4D adjustable armrests are a nice touch. Some people don’t care about such things, they wouldn’t take the time to adjust the armrests if they had them. Making them extra accessories allows GT Omega to drop the price a touch and still give people the option.

On the flip side, they have made the decision to include the lumbar and neck pillows as standard. It’s definitely a positive because having the additional support really makes a difference to gaming comfort.

MASTER XL Series Size Guide

The Master XL is an extra large chair, designed to be accommodating for larger gamers. It has an upper height limit of 6ft 4 inches, which is 195 cm. If you’re any taller than that, apologies but I don’t think I’ve come across a chair with you in mind, this is about as close as you will get for a chair made for your comfort.

As we’ve mentioned already, the weight limit of 150 kg is all embracing. That’s achievable thanks to their use of materials like steel (for the frame) and aluminium (for the base). It’s also a heavy chair weighing 25kg.

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