GT Omega EVO XL Buying & Size Guide

This is a no frills chair that does exactly what it’s designed to do, and that’s to be a comfortable and supportive gaming chair that allows you to feel comfortable when gaming for extended periods of time, without moving.

When you measure it like that, it’s a really good chair. If you want to be more calculative and measure it against features of other chairs it might not stack up so well. It’s a sturdy comfortable chair that looks good and doesn’t break the  bank. Most importantly, it offers good value for money.

Cost-effective and comfortable

As we’ve mentioned, the Evo XL is not stacked with features, but it can boast a sleek and attractive design. I think it really ticks a lot of boxes. It has the pronounced side boulders of a gaming chair that’s designed on a motor racing bucket seat, that offers that additional support that allows you to sit in one position for hours without getting aches. But at the same time, it has an elegant design that means it could well sit an office or meeting room and not look out of place.

The chair is more than it’s good looks too. The steel frame gives the chair a real solid feel and a great platform for the high-density foam that gives the chair it’s padding. Likewise the choice of aluminium for the 5 pointed-star shaped base gives the chair stability and durability. The castors are high quality too, they’re not only durable but function well on most floor surfaces and just as importantly, they’re quiet.

I did say it’s pretty basic but it has some features that allow the chair to be adjusted to the shape and size of the gamers. For example, it has adjustable armrests, and not just any type or adjustable armrest, actually 4 directional adjustable armrests which you would normally expect to find on a premium gaming chair, that would be double the price.

You’ll also get orthopedically friendly neck and lumbar cushions. The chair has a faux leather covering that really gives it the high quality feel and it’s a very material too. It’s extremely durable, you take good care of it and it will look brand new for years. It’s also very easy to clean and is difficult to tear.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

You know what you get with GT Omega. They really make high quality chairs. A cheaper chair doesn’t mean reduced quality more less features. They’re also attractive chairs and the Evo XL is no different.

It comes in variety of colour combinations, another GT Omega trait, that should appeal to any taste and home décor. The faux leather options include black and white, and the soft nylon panels  come in an array of vibrant, contrasting colours including solid black; black with green; black with blue; black with white, black with red, black with yellow, black with orange, black and pink, and white with black.

Another nice contrast is the choice of silver on the base, it almost gives the chair an air of sophistication.

It’s a basic chair. Well made but basic. For this reason, it doesn’t really come with any accessories. For a start, the cushions for the neck and lumbar support come as standard, which is unusual for mid-ranged chairs which normally make customers pay extra.

EVO XL Series Size Guide

Surprisingly, the Evo XL is not really a chair designed for larger gamers. The upper weight limit is 100 kg ( over 15 and half stone) which is a little under the standard of 120 kg. I think that’s because they’ve target younger gamers. But still it’s not much of a big deal unless you happen to larger and then, you should look at GT Omega Master XL which has an upper weight limit of 150 kg and is equally as good.

Height limitation wise, it’s as generous as any chair I’ve used or reviewed. 195 cm height limit, or 6ft 4 inches. It’s important to note that it’s only a advisory limit, taller gamers would still get the benefits of the chair, besides the headrest.

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