DXRacer Wide Buying & Size Guide

DXRacer Wide Buying & Size Guide

You’ll never guess. The DXRacer Wide Series is the brand’s attempt to create a wider chair designed for bigger gamers. In this particular model, the seating on the chair is a lot wider, deeper and comes with more cushioning than a standard chair. All this, and it’s priced at a mid-range price.

As you should expect with any chair built from DXRacer, it’s quality. It’s not a high-end option, so some cheaper materials are used, for example, the chair is covered with PU leather, rather than genuine leather. However, that’s not always a negative. PU leather looks great and is a more breathable and durable material.

As with other designs in the DXRacer range, the chairs been designed to mimic a motor racing bucket seat. The name kind of gives it away too! This means you’ll feel comfortable and get additional side support. Ordinarily, if you’re a larger gamer then the “sidebars” on a bucket seat style chair are more than likely to make the chair uncomfortable. But with this chair, having been built with larger games in mind, that’s not an issue.

An affordable chair for larger gamers

The DXRacer Wide has everything you have a right to expect from a mid-ranged DXRacer. For example, you get well made lumbar and neck pillows, but instead of 4D armrests which come as standard on the premium series, you have to manage with 3D armrests.

The covering is really well fitted and takes advantage of PU leather a cheaper but more practical alternative. It looks great but just as importantly it is easier to maintain and clean than genuine leather would be.

The chair is really well built, as it should be being a chair from the DXRacer stable. The base is footrest shaped and made from aluminum. Very stable and reassuring. To give you an idea of how robust the chair is, it has a maximum weight limit of 130kg, with the best chairs in this price-range you normally expect a more restrictive weight limit of 100-120 kg.

The chair has a great rocking feature, that can be locked. The backrest can be reclined from 90 to 135 degrees, so every gamer should be able to find the perfect gaming position, which ultimately is the job of a chair.  You only get PU leather but I would rather have well fitted PU leather, that looks great, than having lower quality leather, because ultimately the price range makes using top quality leather unrealistic.

Regardless of which DXRacer series you’ve opted for you get the highest quality workmanship and overall quality. Each chair is required to pass over 70 quality tests. This is not the best chair on the market. But you’ll be hard pushed to find a mid-ranged chair this good, especially a chair that’s designed for larger gamers.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

There’s not a lot of choice in colours with the DXRacer Wide Series. As a matter of fact, just 4 options. The most popular by far is the plain black version, but if you want more colour they offer white and black, red and black, and green and black.

The DXRacer Wide Series has their neck rest and backrest cushions optional. Some gamers can’t live without their cushions other can take or leave them and wouldn’t pay extra for them. What’s a little unusual is that the base uses the colour options you go for, which you’ll either love or hate.

Wide Series Size Guide

The chair is built for everyone but I would say that if you happen to be a larger gamer you really have to consider this chair. It’s one of not many chairs that is purposely built to fit the needs of larger gamers. As the name suggests, it’s wider.

The official weight limit is 130 kg which, as I mentioned earlier in the review, is a good 10 kg higher than most other chairs in the price range (in any price range in fact). The chair’s seat is wider and deeper than most to make it more comfortable for larger gamers and it has a nice height limit of 190 cm.

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