DXRacer Sentinel Buying & Size Guide

DXRacer Sentinel Series Review and Guides

We are hard taskmasters. We take our reviews seriously and we’re not easily impressed. Our goal is to hunt down the mediocre chairs out there and help you avoid them. If you’re searching for a budget chair, that’s fine, we want to help you pick the chair that gives you the most bang for your buck, and if you’re looking at premium chairs why not get the best of the best?

The Sentinel line from DXRacer would definitely fall into the latter category. It is by all standards a first class gaming chair that offers the gamer everything they could possibly want or expect from a chair. Yeah, it’s that good. In our opinion, it looks awesome, it’s ultra comfortable, spacious and it’s game be personalized to offer the perfect gaming experience.

The foundations of the chair are great, a steel frame combined with a aluminium base. High-density, high quality cold foam covered by perfectly fitted PU leather that offers a great look and it practical.

DXRacer make good looking chairs, but because the Sentinel Series represent the higher-end chairs they offer, even more time has been spent on marrying the aesthetics with the functionality. The chair has both brains and beauty. What’s great is, because it’s so well built, it lasts longer than most mid-range and budget chairs, meaning it offers great value for money.

DXRacer Sentinel Just Oozes Class

For a number of years, the DMRacer brand has been at the forefront of the gaming chair world providing the very best gaming chairs. The Sentinel Series is a very good example of why the DMRacer has such a good reputation.

I love the fact that it’s so easy to personalize to find the perfect gaming position. The 4-D armrests can be adjusted in every direction, the Class 4 Gaslift allows for the height to be adjusted for optimum comfort. The high quality lumbar pillows, neck and shoulder support, combined with the overall ergonomic design means that the chair delivers maximum upper body support and comfort.

The 3 inch casters deliver a smooth ride, across most floor surfaces, they’re also extremely durable. What really shows the level of detail DXRacer have is when you compare how quiet the Sentinel casters are and how quietly the chair moves across the floor. This model also comes with a 90 to 120 degree reclinable backrest. Not sure why you would need such functionality but it’s there anyway.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

The Sentinel Series comes in a nice array of colours, the intention is to offer a colour that compliments the interior of your room. They all contrast nicely with the black leather of the chair. Options include: all-black, blue and black, green and black, red and black, orange and black. and grey and black.

The vinyl material used on the padding is a breathable fabric, which is important. It means that you won’t start sticking to the chair when in hot weather or gaming for longer periods of time.

The DXRacer Sentinel doesn’t offer any other accessories, because they’re not needed. Everything you need comes as standard, it’s also extremely customizable so you can find that perfect position for you, and should your friends come round, they can have the same quality of gaming experience too.

Sentinel Series Size Guide

The Sentinel is one of those chairs that really delivers the same comfort regardless of your size. The steel frame and aluminium base provides gives the chair it’s core solidity that makes it as good for larger gamers as other users.

DXRacer have reported the weight limit on the Sentinel to be 160kg which is pretty inclusive. Likewise, it has a height limit of 2 metres which is significantly taller than most other chairs, which tend to limit the gamer to 190cm. The Sentinel weighs 65 pounds (30kg) and measures 27 x 25 x 52 inches.

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