DXRacer Racing Buying & Size Guide

DXRacer Racing Buying & Size Guide

If you love the sporty race car feel to a chair and you’re looking for the best on the market you’ve definitely come to the right place. As a brand DXRacer has embraced the motor racing bucket seat more than any other chair on the market and the Racing Series is the absolute epitome of that. It’s a superb looking chair that comes it plenty of variations, each slightly more exciting than the next.

It’s a really good price too, making it very cost effective and a great investment. It’s a great performer and built on great materials which help to make it durable. The only obvious drawback is that it’s shaped to be a better fit for slim to average-built gamers and is not particularly designed for larger gamers.

DXRacer’s most comfortable car?

In one word… superb. But, this is a review so let’s explore that concept a little bit. Let’s look under the hood.

The whole design concept of the Racing series is comfort and longevity. They want to give you the best gaming experience especially when gaming for longer sessions. You can tell that when you look at the materials used. The foam used on this model is high-quality mold shaping foam (50kg/m3) that’s the same quality you’ll get on an actual racing car seat.

The chair is built on a steel frame (no compromises there) with an aluminum base. That itself almost guarantees durability. Supporting the aluminum base is nylon which is both durable and flexible making it perfect for the base.

DXRacer love to use PU leather because it’s very attractive and practical. It is fitted perfectly and it’s the type of material you can easily wipe off any food or spillages without damaging the chair. This means it will continue to look good for much longer than it might if it was genuine leather. You’re not going to have to worry about damage to the chair for a long time either.

The chair has the kind of flexibility and functionality you should demand from a top brand. It can be reclined from 90 degrees right up to 135 degrees. It can also tilt down to 17 degrees too. The Racing Series has footrests on the base too for a little extra comfort.

The chair has been designed ergonomically so you’ll find the chair supports your back well and you’ll find gaming for longer periods comfortable. It’s equally as supportive on the neck and wrists too. The armrests buy into that. They’re 3D and adjustable the backrest likewise is extra high to offer more support.

The chair also features a class 4 SGS certified gas lift that makes adjusting the height smooth and easy. All that combined means you can find the perfect gaming position regardless of your preference.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

The DXRacer Racing Series offers a variety of different colours, something for everyone. The design is so bold it’s not likely it will slip into the corner of a room, it definitely has to be a feature. The Black is the most popular model but you can choose between green, red, orange or white trim, coming in 2 different styles. You also have to like the bucket seat look because there’s no getting away from it.

The chair has the additional lumbar and neck pillows that offer extra comfort but they are optional so if you are not particularly bothered, you can take them or leave them, you have the option to save some cash. The DXRacer footrests are optional too.

Chair casters can also be purchased in different colours to add to the style of the chair overall, and they’re reasonably priced too. Actually, the Racer Series has a lot of little accessories that make life easier. The laptop tray, for example, is particularly awesome.

Racing Series Size Guide

The recommended weight limit for the Racing Series is 120 kg, which is what we should expect as a minimum standard. Additionally, the height limit is 190cm (6’2”) which again is pretty standard. These are only recommended limits though, larger or tall gamers should have a great experience, the materials used and the level of workmanship means you won’t have the same wear and tear on a chair that others using inferior materials might.

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