DXRacer Origin Buying & Size Guide

DXRacer Origin Buying & Size Guide

The DXRacer Origin Series is one of the more affordable chair series from the DXRacer stable, I would have to say, it’s also one of the most attractive looking chairs DXRacers has too. Besides the looks of the chair, there’s not a lot to shout about. It’s a decent chair and it benefits from the high standards of quality that we’ve come to expect from DXRacer.

If you’re looking for a modern, sleek design that has clean lines and a slight futuristic feel. The cover is made from a combination of mesh and PU leather. That probably means it won’t be as durable as other materials (but then it’s not the most expensive either) however, it’s pretty practical and very comfortable.

It’s not a very sophisticated chair, it suits a gaming room or for a child or teenager more so than an office and that idea is backed up by the weight and height limit to the chair.

A chair designed for kids?

This a basic chair, which is not a bad thing. This is a budget chair and the DXRacer team decided to simplify the chair to give it the best possible chance of being the best chair it can be.

The armrests can be adjusted, but they’re not quite 3D or 4D, which you would expect on a mid or high end chair. It might sound limiting but for the younger gamer, they are probably adjustable enough for them, which is who the chair is targeted at.

The Origin Series has a weight limit of 68 kg and height limit that is limited to 5 foot and 6 inches. These are guidelines of course, but they are drastically lower than what you would expect, almost halve in fact.

The height of the chair can be adjust using a gas lift mechanism that is used on most of the DXRacer chairs. The chair has a rocking function but unlike more premium chairs it’s not lockable, so that might be a limitation for some. Likewise it doesn’t come with cushions. Neither the lumbar nor neck cushion.

On the plus side, the chair incorporates mould shaping foam, both on the seat and the backrest that makes the chair pretty comfortable especially when working or gaming for longer sessions. The chair also has a steel frame and nylon casters which makes is a pretty sturdy chair all round, especially with the limited weight of a younger gamer.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

Because the chair is designed for younger gamers, the colours are more vibrant than with most chairs. They are actually more noen in colour and include neon orange and black, and neon red and black. There’s also a simple black variation should you not appreciate such vivid colours.

As we’ve already mentioned, it doesn’t come with any cushions so there really aren’t any accessories to choose from.

DXRacer Origin Series Size Guide

The size of the Origin is a defining feature of the chair. It really won’t be suitable for most adults and anyway, the design and choice of colours suggest it’s for younger gamers anyway.

The weight limit is a pretty astonishing  69 kg, where most other chairs are at least 120 kg, which is almost double. There are even some premium gaming chairs with weight limits of 160 kg, so it has to be a conscious decision to make the chair for younger learners.

Equally as restrictive, the height limitations are 5ft 6 inches, or around 167 cm. However, it’s important to remember these numbers are guidelines from DXRacer and they are only meant to represent the limits they put on their chairs for optimum experience. If you were to have this chair and a larger or taller friend were to come and play with you, they could probably use the chair pretty comfortably too, at least for shorter periods.

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