DXRacer King Series Review, Size & Buying Guide

DXRacer King Series Review, Size & Buying Guide

The DXRacer King Series – for many, better known as the K-series, is one of the best selling and most loved gaming chairs of all time. This bad boy has it all. It’s heavy-duty in terms of feel and durability, it’s super comfortable and supremely flexible. I think for many the biggest feature is the design. It’s almost iconic which is difficult to do as a gaming chair. Hardly something that takes centre stage very often.

When someone buys a K-series they tend to stay with it, forever. Often gamers end up buying another chair because they get bored or just fancy something different. Not so with the King, once tried it’s forever loved. And in this article we’re going to explore what makes the King Series so darn good.

The Assembly

The chair arrives and immediately you know you have something of quality because the parts weight over 25 kilos. It takes some doing putting it together, but with a little persistence  it only takes 1 person to put together and less than 30 minutes. For the right chair it’s well worth the investment in getting it right.

You can tell it’s quality. Even before you assemble it, just looking at all the part laid out on the floor, it’s clear. The materials are high quality and each is a little bigger, or thicker than most other chairs. That oozes quality and really fits with the King Series’ bulky, oversized image.What I love about the instructions for assembly is that it comes with a “how to” video that you can access via the QR-code.

My First Impressions Of DXRacer’s King Series.

Right from the start, first impressions has to be that this is beautifully designed chair. It oozes class. It’s been ergonomically designed to offer maximum support without losing any of the chair’s visual appeal.

Most people are proud to have the DXRacer and would love everyone to know, which is why the well crafted neck cushion boldly presents the DXRacer logo and the more voluminous lumbar cushion has the now iconic lettering of King Series embroidered into it. Both cushions are made from synthetic leather which enables the cushions to keep that slightly stiff cold function.

Note: if you don’t really like the cold, stiff feel you might want to check out noblechairs that use a fabric covering for their cushions which have a softer feel.

When looking at the seating and backrest it’s immediately noticeable that the seating area is a touch wider, by a couple of centimetres  The shape itself is a fairly open design, the additional breathing room makes it more comfortable for larger games who might find other designs a little more restrictive. Even though it’s an open design it’s shape and additional features still offer the kind of support you need to make the chair comfortable when gaming for extended periods.

A closer look at the covering

As a general rule, the King Series from DXRacer,is covered with a PU leather covering. Although there have been some ranges that explored using a fabric material. If you find one of them it’s a bit of a collector’s item.

There is no perfect chair covering, they all have their benefits and drawbacks. PU leather looks expensive and luxurious, it’s also extremely durable and easy to clean. But, it’s not the most breathable fabric which becomes a factor when you are gaming for longer sessions or you live in a hot country whether the weather is hot and humid.

But, it’s ok having the right materials, the quality the workmanship are equally important. With DXRacer we’re always talking about the highest levels of quality and that’s even more so with their flagship range, The King Series

The armrests are a little bigger than most other chairs, both in length and width and they are 4D so they can be adjusted in 4 directions helping gamers find the perfect position. It doesn’t sound like much but when you’re gaming for extended periods you want to make sure the chair is set up to be perfect.They are covered with some PU cushions, which is still quite rigid and it’s only noblechairs to date that’s experimented with softer fabrics.

The basie is made from aluminium which helps to give the chair its stability. Combining with the base, the XL 80 mm castors fit in with the feel of the chair, they are also made and fitted with the highest quality of materials and workmanship making them ultra smooth, and silent scooting across most floor surfaces.

Unrivalled comfort?

Looks matter, as does functionality but essential, when it comes down to it, the key role of a chair is to be a comfortable place to sit. In gaming terms, that is accentuated because it’s very likely we’ll be sitting for longer periods of time. This is where the King Series really excels.

The ergonomic design and comfort levels make it one of the most popular chairs of all time. It feels great. It knows when to offer some well placed rigidity that gives support, and when to be soft and accommodating. You can sit for hours gaming without the usual discomfort you would expect in the shoulder and thighs. Ask anyone with a King Series chair, you can game for hours without any side effects.

One the reasons why it is able to deliver comfort so masterfully is thanks to the King’s cold foam padding. A high density, superior,  54kg/m³ which is firm but with just enough give. It doesn’t matter if you’re a part-time gamer or a professional, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more comfortable chair.


As a general rule of thumb, the softer the material used to cover the cushion, the faster it is likely to wear and tear. It will start to look shabby and a little jaded or “well worn”. The larger the game, the quicker this wearing process happens.

But this is not something the King Series suffers with. It’s a pretty firm cushion, comparatively. This means after 2 years, it pretty much looks like new. I’ve seen examples of chairs used for 10 hours a day, 5 days a week that look like new years after.

Most of the component are near indestructible. Besides the odd scratch, the Frame, aluminium base and casters will not let you down, even the gas lift mechanism, a component that is prone to need replacing, is as durable as the other components of the chair.


You could argue that the armrests are 5D, which has not really been heard of before. They have little screws under the seat that allow for more “in-out” adjustability, but if you don’t include that capability, the chair offers the standard 4D adaptability so you can find the perfect position to game.

With the class 4 gas lift you can change the height from 50 cm to 61 cm which makes the chair equally as comfortable for both shorter and taller players.  The backrest can be tilted down by 170 degrees and the chair has 14-degrees of tilt in all directions which is lockable.

In terms of lumbar and neck support, the neck cushions offer two different mounting options, from above the headrest or through the venting slots. The lumbar cushion is easily adjustable, moving up and down the belts.

Colour Options And Accessories

The DXRacer King Series only has 4 different colour variations, but they all offer something different. There’s the classic black option, which is chair in the range that transfers into the office or home office environment the most naturally. The red is also very popular, probably because we associate red with Ferrari, the ultimate sports car. There are also a blue and white option too.

There are a load of options and accessories offered on this model. You can upgrade your blade wheels, the ball bearing castores which are even more stealthy and floor-friendly. You can upgrade your neck cushion to a larger variant too.

King Series Size-Guide

The King Series is all inclusive. It has a extremely generous upper weight limit of 150 kgs. To give you an idea just how inclusive that is, the average chair sets the weight limit at 120 kg. And let’s be clear, the chair can take heavier gamers, 150 kg is the limit that DXRacer are comfortable setting where the gamer will get the same level of comfort regardless of their size. A lot of that additional burden is absorbed thanks to materials used on the frame and base.

The height limit is set at 195 cm which is around 6ft 4 inches. That’s a little higher than most other chairs which set their limit between 180 cm and 190 cm. At the bottom end, the chair can be set at 160 cm. Of course, you can be taller or shorter, but ideally, to take advantage of the cushions, you should fit between those limits.

Final Conclusion: Long live the king

It seems a redundant question to ask how well the King Series measures up because not only does the King Series meet any standard set, this is the chair that defined the standard. It’s one of the most popular chairs of all time and it led the way.

It’s a very versatile chair that has been designed to offer every gamer the same experience regardless of shape or size. It manages this by using the very best materials and also with subtle design choices ike reducing the angle of the side support to offer support but not hinder larger gamers. The result is a chair that you can sit in for hours and hours in total comfort.

Everything is a little larger on this chair. It makes it feel sturdier, but it also is more stable. The larger castors help to make the chair quieter when pushed into position. You also get the usual features that help you personalize the chair, the 4D armrests, the class 4 gas lift, the 14 degree rocking motion, that’s lockable, and a decent amount of tilt.

This is arguably the most comfortable chair on the market. It rates and compares with the might noblechairs, it becomes a matter of personal opinion, it’s just that good. Visually, it’s a stunning chair. It really embraces a sports car’s seat, which is the philosophy of the brand. It’s refined, high quality and for most people, they would be proud to have a King Series sitting in the corner of the room or being the main feature of their den or gaming room.

The King Series is right up there with the best noblechair and the best Vertagear. There’s very little to choose between them, it becomes a matter of taste. You wouldn’t be the first to choose the King.

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