DXRacer Iron Buying & Size Guide

The DXRacer Iron Series is one of the premium offerings from DXRacer, a gaming chair designer known for their high-quality gaming chairs with a motor racing styled theme. The price is really competitive, especially when you contrast it with the level of quality delivered.

The Iron Series has a number of colour options making it a good fit for most gamers. It doesn’t matter if it’s for the office or the den, for a chair that’s subtle or the centerpiece of the room. It’s also got a load of features that allow it to be personalized for maximum comfort.

It’s a very flexible chair, especially in the black variation. It fits most rooms stylistically. Although it doesn’t use real leather, it still gives the impression of being a luxury chair. But what really makes it’s a standout chair is the adjustable functionality it offers. You really get to personalize the chair to be comfortable when gaming.

This is not a budget chair. It offers so much more in terms of design and functionality. Immediately, the 4D adjustable armrests are noteworthy. So many chairs still offer fixed or 3D adjustability, but the Iron series offers 4D.  The class 4 gas lifting system is the standard for up and down functionality to be able to adjust the height of the chair for the gamer.

The cold foam cushioning on this particular model is made to the highest specifications. It’s noticeable how the chair stays in position for hours after which is a clear signal how it moulds to the user optimizing their gaming experience, especially when gaming for long sessions.

You get plenty of personalization from the backrest too. It can recline between 90 degrees to 135 degrees with a rocking function that can be locked. The formal weight limit on the chair is 130kg. Larger gamers can use the chair but DXRacer won’t guarantee you’ll get the same quality experience.

You can expect good quality neck and lumbar support from the cushions adding to the comfort of the chair. Everything about this chair screams quality. The materials, the stitching. Even the lever for adjusting the backrest is designed to look sleek. It almost looks like a handbrake which fits really well with the bucket seat style shape of the chair.

Reinforcing the design is the durability and solidity of the materials used. The base is made from good quality aluminum, offering real stability.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

The Iron series doesn’t have an abundance of choice when compared to other models, with just 5 colours, but if you happen to like one of those colours it won’t matter to you. The all in black is the most popular, but if you like a little more colour there is the white, with black stripe, grey and black striped, green and black and finally, red and black.

In terms of accessories, the back and neck supports are optional. Some people appreciate the additional support for others, it’s an unnecessary cost.

You should note that the colour themes options also extends to include the base which is unusual for chairs and adds to the appeal of the chair.

Iron Series Size Guide

The Iron series has been built to be inclusive for most gamers, of all shapes and sizes. The reality is, most chairs work perfectly well for most gamers but if you happen to be taller or larger, you most likely get a worse gaming experience than other sized gamers that the chair is designed for.

Not so with the Iron Series. They guarantee that any gamer up to 130 kg in weight will have the same experience from the chair. Likewise in terms of height. Gamers up to 6 foot 2 or 190 cm will get the same gaming experience.

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