DXRacer Elite Buying & Size Guide

DXRacer Elite Buying & Size Guide

You would expect the Elite Series to be one of the better chairs offered from DXRacer, but surprisingly it’s not. It just misses the mark a  touch, it doesn’t quite follow through. There are better chairs by DXRacer, especially at this price. But for a very select few it could well be the ideal car.

Having said that, what the DXRacer Elite Series does do for the DXRacer range is offer a chair that crosses over to the office chair space. It’s a good looking chair. Not what you would expect from a DXRacer chair, there is a hint of bucket seat feel, it does have accentuated sidebars, but really not like other DXRacers which really have that race car seat feel. It is this subtleness that makes it a good option for an office chair. It’s also well priced.

It is really well designed ergonomically so offers great support and makes it a great chair to sit and work of play for large periods of time.

It’s a small chair. It doesn’t say so but it’s weight limitations suggest that it’s been built for children or small-medium sized adults. For men, an 81 kg weight limit is pretty limiting.

Not quite Elite but a good all rounder all the same.

One of the plus points for the Elite is that it offers features you would normally expect to find on a more expensive chair. We’re talking a class 4 gas lifting mechanism, which makes moving up and down smooth and quiet. You can expect 3D armrests which add support and can be adjusted to find the perfect position.

Another tick in a box is having lumbar, and neck cushions come as standard.  For 9 out of 10 chairs you would expect to pay more for cushions, especially in this price range, so it’s a nice touch having them come as standard.

The base has been built using nylon which doesn’t feel very heavy duty, it can make the chair feel less stable than it is. However, it a very flexible and durable material so a practical choice at this price range. I’ve seen a lot of premium chairs start to use nylon too. But don’t expect other premium features like a leg or footrest.

The backrest is higher than the average which offers a little extra support to the neck and spine. It also allows for tilting. The chair is covered with a PU leather material that has a vinyl finish, all based on a steel frame which is robust. You’ll get a removable headrest too.

The chair has a very distinct look which you’ll either love or hate. The quality is good too but not in the same class as a “real” premium chair.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

The Elite chair has a unique design, not really like most other gaming chairs. You’ll either love it or hate it. Not many people are indifferent to it. There are some variations too, to help you find the perfect chair for your room. They include grey/black, white/black, red/black, gold/black, and black. Because it is designed to crossover to the office chair market the black chair is the most popular.

There are not really any accessories to mention. With other chairs, you’d typically have the cushions as optional but as we’ve mentioned the Elite Series has lumbar and neck cushions as standard.

Elite Series Size Guide

Amazingly, this chair has been designed for younger or lighter gamers. The average chair has an upper weight limit of 120 kgs. DXRacer has made a chair with just 81 kg weight limit which is unheard of. Likewise, the height limit is equally low. At 5ft 6inches, the chair has to be built to target kids, even many teenagers are taller than 170 cm.  Or perhaps it’s more for women and girls, either way, it’s a massive deal breaker if you don’t fall into the limitations.

You’ll either love or hate the Elite Series, likewise, you’ll meet the weight and height limitations and it won’t matter that it’s seriously less than other chairs or you won’t it will be too small for you and you’ll be frustrated. It’s one of those chairs that is all or nothing, with no middle ground.

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