DXRacer Drifting Buying & Size Guide

DXRacer Drifting Buying & Size Guide

The DXRacer Drifting Series is the more basic gaming chair in the DXRacer stable. But you have to remember it’s a basic chair from one of the top brands so “basic” means something a little different in this case.

The DXRacer is a very distinctive chair brand with a style that’s easily identifiable.  It’s pretty much built on a bucket seat design that is meant to mimic a motor racing car seat. This chair still holds on to that design but is a lot more subtle than the other chairs in the range. That’s either going to be a good thing or bad thing depending on your personal preference however it’s worth paying attention to.

The chair has additional padding, especially compared with many other chairs. This helps to make it more comfortable especially when gaming for long periods. It’s been designed to offer the same level of comfort for up to 8 hours, which should make you perk your ears up if you happen to someone he loves long sessions.

On the flip side it’s not the most solid chair. After all, it is a basic chair and it makes some compromises  with the choice of materials used. For that reason, it has a lower weight and height limit that a lot of more expensive chairs . Which, if you’re a taller or larger gamer is an issue and if you’re not you probably couldn’t care less.

Getting the fundamentals right

If you had to describe the DXRacer in just one word, that word would probably be basic. And that’s not necessarily a negative, the designers realize they’re on a budget and they want to make a really comfortable, attractive chair and the only way they can do that within the price range is to keep it really simple.

It’s a good size. It doesn’t have 4D armrests, as you might expect, but the chair doesn’t lack for comfort. You can recline the chair up to 170 degrees which is a welcome surprise. It might not sound like a big deal but if you happen to suffer from arthritis or a back problem you’ll find that flexibility a huge benefit.

The chair looks good, which is important, it has to fit the style of the room. And it should, it’s a DXRacer after all. As I mentioned, it’s a little more subtle which makes it a look a little more elegant. It’s also very smooth and quiet on it’s castors and moves well on a variety of floors.

 The chair takes advantage of a gas lift mechanism, it also has quick adjustment levers. It’s a little limiting on it’s weight limit officially but thanks to its generous size it doesn’t feel like it.

It’s not the cheapest chair out there, especially for a basic chair, but it definitely represents great value for money because it does “basic” better than any other chair on the market. Due to the chair offering less of a race-car seat feel it works equally as well as a comfortable desk chair so it has a lot of flexibility.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

The DXRacer Drifting Series has 5 colour variations. So plenty to offer and you should find something to fit your gaming room or office. If we’re talking basic, and we are, then nothing is more basic that classic black. If you want to accentuate that motor racing / bucket seat feel to the chair then you might to look at orange and white, a grey and black tyre pattern, or a red and black tyre pattern. The chair also comes in a green and white colour.

Some chairs from DXRacer includes colour on the base of the chair, which  a lot of gamers love. The Drive Series is not one of those, they stay to true to the concept of basic and so the base is black throughout which helps if you’re looking for a neutral chair for your office.

Both the lumbar and neck cushions come as optional so if you are the type of gamer that appreciates the extra support the chairs offer you can pay extra, if not and you want to keep it simple, so be it.

Drifting Series Size Guide

It’s a slightly larger chair than average, which is a good thing. It’s still a comfortable chair for gamers weighing a little less and thanks to the increase in size it’s more comfortable for larger gamers too. A nice balance.

In terms of official limits, the chair has very standard limitations. That being 120 kg and a height limitation of 1.8 metres in height. Nothing glamourous but after all, it’s a basic chair!.

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