DXRacer Classic Buying & Size Guide

DXRacer Classic Series Review and Guides

The DXRacer Classic is at the high-end of the DXRacer portfolio. They’ve made the decision to give this series less of a racing seat feel. Although it because of other design choices, it’s doesn’t completely lose that feel.

Because of the shape of the chair, there are no lumbar cushions because they are not necessary. The chair is perfectly designed; the backrest has the perfect curvature to support the spine. Additionally, the Classic Series boasts a headrest cushion, built into the chair. We love this feature; it is so much more comfortable than your run of the mill neck support cushions.

The Classic is a touch wider than standard chairs, small difference but it makes the chair feel really spacious. We like the workmanship on the fitting of the PU leather cover. It’s so nicely done it gives the chair a real quality feel, making it look more expensive than it actually is.

All-in-all, it’s a great chair. One of the best models from one of the best gaming chair brands on the market. You get a great design, great levels of comfort, especially when hardcore gaming for long sessions, it’s durable and offers a lot of flexibility. It can be personalized to meet your specific body shape and needs.

The little black dress of the DXRacer range

As we’ve come to expect from DXRacer, the Classic series is fully customizable. That includes 4D lockable armrests that allow you to find the perfect armrest position,  and a very versatile reclining backrest and folding sliding footrest. The  Footrest is a nice touch, it means you can recline back with your feet up!

The gas lift system featured on the Classic allows the gamer to adjust chair height effortlessly. It’s also a bigger chair with a wider back that uses high-density mould shaping foam to provide the comfort and support you need especially when gaming for long periods of time.

A nice touch is the decision to build in some pockets into the chair, specifically the back of the backrest. Perfect for storing the remote control or documents.

For larger gamers who perhaps struggle with getting the same level of gaming experience as lighter gamers, you’ll be very pleased with the upper weight limit and the general attitude of DXRacer to ensure the Classic delivers the same quality of gaming experience regardless of your shape or size.

The Classic also features an easy to operate gas lift system that allows you to adjust the height of the chair quickly and smoothly. The classic is a bigger chair with a wider back and seat that utilizes high-density mould shaping foam that matters when you’re a serious gamer.

The cover on the DXRacer Classic cover is made from the highest quality PU leather which delivers a great look and feel, giving the chair a premium look, at the same time it’s probably the most practical of materials, very easy to keep clean and you won’t need to worry about spillages.

Did we mention that the backrest is fully reclinable? Together with the armrests, they slide back and forward unlike almost any other chair to offer you the most comprehensive range of movement possible so you can find the most comfortable position possible.

As you would expect from a DXRacer chair, the star-shaped aluminum base provides the chair the foundations it needs to be able to accommodate gamers of any size and likewise, the floor friendly casters allow for smooth movement.

Like other models in the range, the Classic features floor friendly casters incorporated on to a star-shaped aluminum base. The biggest thing that makes this chair stand out is the number of customizable options available, meaning gamers can make the chair exactly how they need it. This, teamed with the adjustability of the chair, makes it a fantastic choice for most gamers.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories.

The DXRacer Classic comes in 5 colours. A decent number of options but not as many as other Series in the DXRacer stable. They are not as vibrant as other models because the whole concept of the DXRacer Classic is to offer chairs that have that “classic” feel. Your options are classic black, red and black, tan and black, white and black, and mustard yellow and black.

This is one of the few models that offer some accessories. For example, the leg rest is optional. As are the lumbar pillows. However, the neck pillow is built into the chair and you really don’t need the lumbar pillow, it’s designed to provide support for your spin, but the cushion is available for those who find them more comfortable.

Classic Series Size Guide

The classic series is for everyone. It’s been designed and built to offer the same level of comfort regardless of your size. For example, the classic has a 160kg weight limit, rather than 100-120kg which is fairly standard. The height limit is 190cm, more than 10cm larger range than most other chairs.

This, together with the wider backrest and large seat makes the chair an ideal option for larger gamers. If you are looking for a classic looking chair that delivers maximum comfort, perhaps for your gaming room or office, then you have to look at the DXRacer Classic.

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