DXRacer Boss Series Review and Guides

DXRacer Boss Series Review and Guides

The DXRacer Boss Series is literally the BOSS of the gaming chair world. DXRacer designed the Boss series to deliver maximum comfort for gamers. After that research, they came to the conclusion that materials matter, that solidity matters. The sturdier, the better. This is exactly why the DXRacer Boss is the go-to chair for larger gamers. But let’s not pigeonhole the Boss Series into a chair for larger games, this chair delivers an outstanding gaming experience that rivals every premium chair on the market.

Who doesn’t want to be the boss

Everything about the Boss Series is impressive. It’s ergonomically designed to give the chair the most support possible to the gamer. This means it has a deep seat base and an elegant, tall backrest and includes a built-in head cushion. The chair goes the extra mile to support player posture, especially by offering the spine as much stability as possible. Added to the 3D armrest that locks for the optimum position you get everything you need in a great gaming chair.

The Boss hydraulic mechanism allows for the chair to be raised and lowered to get to the best position. All managed through a uniquely designed handle. It’s not just vertical movements, the tilting mechanism allows for up to 180 lockable recline. That means the chair will pretty much touch its base. Not sure why you would want it to, but it’s good to know you have the flexibility.

The base takes on a foot-like shape which makes it more comfortable during gaming sessions, the casters are firm, for stability, and smooth, which makes them quiet. You can push the DXRacer Boss chair around on its castors effortlessly.

From our perspective, as reviewers, the most impressive feature is the rocking motion. It’s awesome and really adds to the gaming experience. Especially, as the seat can be locked into pretty much any position and you still get the same level of rocking motion.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

Right now, the most popular colour choice for the DXRacer Boss Series is the plain black variation. Ok, I’m cheating, it only comes in black. It’s a really good looking chair and for many, having it just works. The materials are really high quality and you can tell that instantly. Most gamers will feel that owning a DXRacer Boss chair will enhance the room regardless of the color it comes in, it’s that good.

Boss Series Size Guide

The DXRacer offers a much wider seating space than you would expect from a gaming chair. These generous dimensions, coupled with the heavy-duty framework allows the chair to claim a 200kg weight limit. That is going the extra distance to ensure this chair is comfortable for every gamer no matter their size. Especially important for gamers who enjoy long sessions.

It’s important not to focus on larger gamers, this chair is perfect for every game big or small. If you can afford it, you like the look of it, get it. You won’t find a better chair elsewhere.

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