DX Racer 1 Review, Size & Buying Guide

The Racer 1 is one of the best-selling chairs from the DXRacer range. It’s not one of the best, far far from it. But what it does offer is great value for more, because it’s pretty cheap all things considered. Not everyone has a big budget for their gaming chair but they still want one of the better known brands that guarantees quality.

This is pretty much the Formula Series that has been slimmed down. They’ve made a few changes to the design and choice of materials to bring the cost down to make it more affordable and gamers have reacted really well to it.  It helps that it’s a good looking chair, it has the distinctive DXRacer feel to it and a lot of gamers love the iconic look from the King Series notoriety.

What makes the Racer 1 Series so popular?

Just like the Formula Series, the chair this was designed on, it’s been designed with the average gamer in mind. The boulders and backrest together offer support and give the chair that feeling of being in a race car. It’s a real nice design, very ergonomic too. This has to be one of the main factors behind this chair’s popularity.

Surprisingly, this chair have a fabric covering. So many of the DXRacer range uses high quality PU leather, in fact that can be said for gaming chairs in general. This chair uses a polyester covering and you can tell it’s a DXRacer chair, the stitching and workmanship are superb.

This is one place it differs from the the Formula Series in which it’s based on, which uses a combination of fabric and PU leather, however, the  quality is no worse. With a DXRacer you always get quality, no matter how much you pay. No loose threads, no wrinkling. .

The base is one part of the Racer 1 that differs from Formula Series. The more expensive F-Series uses the more expensive aluminium and the Racer 1 uses nylon a durable but inferior material. Does it matter? Yeah possibly, a little, but not by a lot and if you’re on a budget it’s a compromise you’re happy to make because it doesn’t really take much away from the overall experience of the chair.

What using nylon does is reduce the maximum weight limit for the chair. For most chairs the maximum weight limit is 120 kg but for this chair it’s 100 kg. All that means is that DXRacer can’t guarantee you’ll get the full user experience or the chair will be as durable.

The castors are standard. A little smaller than other models from DXRacer but they’re good quality, fairly smooth and work on most surfaces.

It’s pretty much business with the cushions too. The lumbar cushion offers your back some additional support and is easily adjusted by moving it up and down the straps. Both the lumbar, and neck cushion, which is attached either above or through the venting holds, are both made of PU leather.

They’ve tried to simplify the Racer 1, and just focus on comfort and appearance. A good example of this mindset is the fixed armrest that can’t really be adjusted to the gamer. Again, you have to ask yourself if it matters to you, for a lot of people on a budget it doesn’t.

This might be a budget chair but you still get rocking and tilting functionality. In terms of tilting, you can tilt the chair back to 135 degrees, which is the same as you’d get with the iconic King Series. Likewise, you get 14 degrees rocking which is lockable in multiple positions. The height of the chair can also be adjusted, using a gas lift mechanism offering 10 cm more height.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

Similar to the DXRacer Formula Series it comes in 4 different colour variations, they are red, white, almost neon green and the classic black. You can tell they’re covering their basis here as the coloured options are very youthful, and would look awesome in a den or gaming room and the classic black would easily fit into a home office or even a desk in an office.

There aren’t any additional accessories to really consider, the whole concept of the Racer 1 is to be simple and affordable. The cushions come as part of the chair which is a nice touch, most budget end chairs make them an accessory you have to pay more for.

Racer 1 Series Size Guide

Generally speaking the Racer 1 is designed for smaller gamers. Not quite as limited as other chairs but at 95 kg weight limit still restricts some gamers. It’s important to remember, it’s only a guideline, DXRacer are concerned the chair won’t last as long for larger gamers but it doesn’t mean friends can’t jump on and play.

The height limit is set at 180 cm, that means for the neck cushion to be effective you need to be that height or shorter, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use the chair if you’re taller, far from it, you just can’t benefit from the cushions.

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