Arozzi Verona Pro

Launched by the Swedish-designers at Arozzi, the Verona Pro is an Launched by the Swedish-designers at Arozzi, the Verona Pro is an elegant, ergonomically designed gaming chair built for comfort. The mid-range gamer’s chair is well-stocked with some unique design features that include polyurethane covering (pleather) and a steel frame that delivers both durability and flexibility.

The mid-weight (25kg) chair is built to adjust to the gamer; this includes adjustable armrests, rocking function, lockable tilt, reclining up to 180 degrees and a class-4 gas lift. That’s a lot of functionality for a great price and it’s great for larger gamers too.

It’s all about comfort

Arozzi’s Verona Pro was designed for comfort. It’s solid and durable metal frame is well padded with a cold moulded foam that both hugs and supports the gamer. The shape of the chair helps to add to the overall comfort of gaming, especially when combined with the quality neck and lumbar supports.

It’s clear that comfort plays an important role when the chair was designed, although some compromises were made, for example, there’s no padding on the armrests which could affect comfort when gaming for longer periods as will a lack of perforation on the cover. This means gaming for extended periods or in warmer weather is likely to feel overheated.

It has some limit to the adjustability of the chair when compared with other chairs on the market. The lock function is restricted to 3 to 20-degree range, the height adjustment to just 6cm.

On the plus side, what we love about the Verona Pro is the placement of the grooves and straps which adjusts the cushions. Cushion adjustment is not very common with gaming chairs outside the premium range, so it’s good to Verona Pro offering this kind of feature.

With the Verona Pro, it’s about context. If you’re comparing it to some of the best premium chairs out there, you’ll be disappointed. But then, it’s nowhere near as expensive as a premium chair like a noblechair or DXRacer and when you line it up and compare it to other mid-range chairs, it starts to show it’s value.

This particular Arozzi has a backrest height of 82cm and a seat that offers 47cm of depth. Additionally, it has a distance between the 2 armrests of 52.5cm. The chair weighs a reasonable  25kg  and can offer the same level of comfort to gamers weighing up to 150g in weight.  It’s also pretty smooth across the floor.

Other features that contribute to the comfort of the Verona Pro include the thick pleather cover and heavy-duty base. We’re especially enamored by the pleather which is particularly comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. You get to adjust height with a well placed handle lever, backrest angle lever too, together with armrest and rocking feature.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

The Verona Pro has a nice selection of colours. It has six colour variations: blue, black, green, grey, orange and red. There are not any customization options or accessories, however you can order replacements for parts likely to wear or be damaged, such as the gas lift mechanism and the headrest.  Also, cushions that would normally be accessories with other chair brands come as standard with the Verona Pro.

Verona Series Size Guide

The Verona Pro has been designed to be inclusive of every type of gamer. It’s why it was designed to be just as comfortable for games weighing as much as 150 kg. Similarly, if you are 6 foot 2 inches or shorter, you get maximum comfort from the chair. If you are a taller gamer, you’ll find the headrest can’t be adjusted to offer you maximum comfort, but you’ll get all the other benefits the chair offers.

The Pro has been designed for your average gamer, but its adjustability means that gamers of all shapes and sizes should be able to get comfortable. The Pro can take gamers up to 150kg at its limit, with a sweet spot of 140kg, and it is perfect for those between 1.80m and 1.90m in height. Given the “wide” birth of the Pro, it is safe to say that those packing a bit extra should be able to get on with this chair quite well. However, smaller gamers should take note that the birth space and armrest distances may prove a problem for their frame.

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