Arozzi Torretta/XL Buying & Size Guide

Arozzi Torretta/XL Buying & Size Guide

The Arozzi Torretta/XL is a significant investment for just a chair, but then, this is more than just your standard office or desk chair, it’s XL by more than just name. Most importantly, you might pay a little more than the budget gaming chairs available, but it’s money well spent.

This is exactly the type of chair you need to be able to game for long periods of time, it’s built to be comfortable, it also boasts a sporty design that makes it an ideal chair for a bedroom or “man cave”

The Arozzi Torretta/XL is built on a sturdy metal frame, with supportive armrests that are adjustable to help you find the perfect gaming position that offers comfort when gaming for more extended periods of time.

If you’re looking for a larger chair, that looks good and is comfortable; then you’re in exactly the right place.

The XL Edition. Does bigger and wider mean better?

Let’s not beat around the bush. It’s a big chair! It’s on average 10 cm wider than what you would get from a standard sized gaming chair. This means it allows the chair to be more comfortable and take more load, so it’s a great chair for larger gamers who are not willing to compromise on comfort.

The XL has been designed based on a motor racing car seat. This means it is not only comfortable, but it’s pretty good looking. It offers a cold-moulded foam that shapes the chair to the user, covered with leather and a hard wearing fabric that gives the chair it’s style while being robust and durable.

As with many things, it comes down to the foundations, and the Torretta / XL is no different. Fortunately, the foundations are really impressive. A five-star metal base that can boast five twin casters that makes movement smooth and gives a sense of quality to the chair.

If it wasn’t for the racing shape to the chair, the choice of leather and fabric covering almost gives the chair an executive chair feel, especially when combined with the polyurethane armrests. What they do offer is plenty of comfort and support.

The chair is lockable. It has up to 12 degrees range, and once you’ve found the perfect position, it can be locked into place. Being a gaming chair that’s built for comfort, you get features that make gaming a better experience. These include. A height-adjustable gas lift, adjustable lumbar and neck cushions, with adjustable armrests that together allow you to create the perfect gaming position and avoid back or neck ache, a common problem when gaming for extended periods of time.

During the test, we found the armrests worked really well. After a little playing around, we found a great position that felt comfortable after hours of gaming. A massive difference when compared to test driving a budget chair and even a difference when compared to similarly priced gaming chairs.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

Arozzi like to offer an array of colours because they understand you either want your chair to make a statement or to subtly fit into the interior design of a room, to become part of the room. In the Torretta’s case, it can be bought in black, pale blue, dark blue, orange, green, red or grey.

The adjustable lumbar support and neck support cushions come as standard as they do across the Arozzi range, however, unlike other Arozzi series you have the opportunity to purchase the cushions separately too, should you wish to add a contrast of colour.

Torretta Series Size Guide

As we’ve covered in this review, the Torretta / XL is built to be able to accommodate larger gamers. It’s not only the 10cm of extra width the seat offers (from armrest to armrest), but it’s also capable of offering the same level of comfort up to 150kg and gamers up to 190cm in height, thanks to the high-quality materials and design.

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