Arozzi Milano Buying & Size Guide

Arozzi Milano Buying & Size Guide

Your chair matters. It’s more than just looking good and adding to Arozzi Milano Buying & Size Guide

Your chair matters. It’s more than just looking good and adding to your street cred, it’s more than having the right labels so you can boast to your gamer friends, your gaming chair adds to your whole gaming experience and allows you and the right chair can help you be a better gamer, especially if you like to play for long periods of time.

In this review, we’ll walk you through the Milano series, brought to you by Arozzi. One of the most respected brands on the gaming chair market today. Overall, you’ll find it a comfortable chair, easy to set up and adjust to find the ideal position, and it’s a decent looking chair too. Perhaps not for the office but definitely for a gaming room.

A good quality all-rounder.

The first box this particular gaming chair ticks is how easy it is to set up. For many, it sounds like a minor thing, but trust me there’s nothing more frustrating than labouring for hours to set up your new gaming chair when you’re just eager to start playing.

The chair, a reasonably priced model, comes with a user-adjustable lumbar cushion, that gives you the support you need, and is perfect if more than 1 person is using the chair because you can adjust for each user. The chair also allows for 360 degrees of swivel and 12 degrees lockable function. However, one limitation is that it’s only lockable in the upright position.

What we like about this particular model is the padding, found on the backrest, seat, and arms. Compared to other chairs it’s really quite thick, and that extra thickness makes the chair more comfortable when gaming for more extended periods. The PU leather looks great and the build quality is very high.

On the flip side, the frame is made from plywood which is not as durable material and doesn’t offer the same feeling of solidity you’d get from an aluminum frame.

The five twin wheel nylon casters and the base, in general, has gone through an upgrade and ease in which it moves around adds to the sense of quality the chair impresses on us. It’s also a reasonable weight; it’s only 17.5 kilos compared the standard 20-25 kg you would normally expect.

It’s not the perfect chair. But you don’t get the perfect chair at this price, not even close. But the designer’s compromises still leave a well-made chair that is more comfortable than it should be. If you’re a part-time gamer or only sit down to game for a few hours at a time, this chair will be more than good enough. It’s only when you use it for extended periods will you start to notice some of those compromises. I’d love to tell every gamer to go pick a noblechair or a DXRacer, they’re the best on the market, but we can’t all afford one of the premium chairs, or to that matter need one. If you’re on a budget, this is a great option.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

Whatever decor you have in the room you’d like your gaming chair, the Milano probably has a complimentary colour. The chair comes in an all black model, the most popular, but also with red, white, blue or green trimming. The vibrant trim adds a nice contrast and the chair is simple yet stylish with that suggestion of racing car chair you get with all the Arozzi range.

As standard for the Arozzi range, the Milano doesn’t really come with any accessories because it comes with lumbar and neck cushion as standard, which is refreshing.

Milano Series Size Guide

This is a chair designed for the average gamers, it’s not really ideal if you happen to be a larger or taller gamer. The chair supports a maximum of 100 kg officially and recommends a height between 170cm to 180cm, so it’s fairly limiting. If you’re a touch smaller, you won’t really notice any difference, it’s only limiting for taller gamers. If that’s not you, I’d look elsewhere. Other than that, if you’re on a smaller budget, you don’t game for extended periods of time then you’ll be perfectly happy with this chair.

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