Arozzi Enzo Buying & Size Guide

Arozzi Enzo Buying & Size Guide

If you in the market for a really good looking chair, with a motorsport-inspired style to it, then the Arozzi Enzo is going to be right up your street. Not only is the chair designed to look pleasing on the eye, which it absolutely does, but it’s also ergonomic so it particularly supports and delivers great comfort. This makes it a great chair when working at a desk or gaming for extended periods, it’s also a great option if you are unfortunate to suffer from back, neck or joint pains.

The chair makes some great choices and not in terms of designs but all in the materials they use and the functionality of the chair. They are not shy with the amount of padding they use and they seem to have all the right padding in all the right places, which also adds to the overall experience on gaming on this chair, or working at a desk for long periods.

Arozzi are one of the most popular gaming chair makers around. They’ve been making high tech, high-quality chairs since 2013. The Italian sounding company are actually Swedish manufacturers but it’s clear that they are heavily influenced by motorsport and judging by the names of the different product lines, by Italian supercars such as Ferrari.

It’s not just in terms of styles that they take their inspiration from motorsport but also in terms of functionality. They make their chairs to be comfortable and durable, ideally for use over extended periods of time. The Enzo line, probably named after the founder of Ferrari, lead is a perfect of example of a sleek looking chair that just over delivers in performance, but for a reasonable price.

The Enzo: more than just good looks

The Enzo was one of the Arozzi’s first attempts at a gaming chair, but don’t let that put you off. It’s incredibly well made and is as good if not better than many other models on the market today. It’s certainly not lacking in anything.

Right from first look you can tell the synthetic leather cover is really made, it’s also sleek and practical. It’s very easy to take of. They were one of the first to be building chairs with features such as height adjustment and rocking tilt. In this case 12 degree of tilt which is not as much as some of the premium chairs but pretty generous.

The thick-padded armrests are very comfortable and supportive, additionally, the class 4 gas-lift supports gamers and makes life comfortable when gaming for longer sessions. The chair has a weight limit of 120kg which makes it accessible for most people. Finally, the wheels consist of five nylon twin wheels that offer stability and make moving smooth and effortless.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

The Enzo offers a nice selection of colours that means the chair can find its home in most decor, especially the classic black version, which is discrete and stylish. If you prefer to have some colour the Enzo comes with white trim, blue, red, green and orange. That’s plenty of choices, something for everyone, and it’s an extremely attractive chair at this price point, regardless of your personal preference.

Enzo Series Size Guide

The Enzo was designed with an affordable price point in mind, to make the chair attainable by everyone. It was also designed to be accommodating for gamers of all shapes and sizes. If you happen to believe the manufacturer’s guidelines, the Enzo puts a height limit at 190 cm, which is about 6ft 2. The weight limit is set at 120 kg, which is more than respectable. Reviews have suggested that larger gamers who don’t quite fall within the parameters will experience the same levels of comfort as those who fall within the parameters, which is great news too.

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