AKRacing Premium Buying & Size Guide

Aesthetically, this is one of the most attractive models in the AKRacing stable and perhaps one of the most good looking chairs on the market today, especially if you like the motor racing bucket-seat look.

We love the sport shape but with a nice modern twist making it different from the hundreds of sports style gaming chairs on the market. This is not the type of chair design that’s discreet. There’s no way you can get away with putting this in an office unless you’re making a statement, it’s a gaming chair and there’s no doubting it.

It looks the part, and it’s from a brand that is known for its quality, but exactly how does the Premium Series stack up against other mid-range chairs, that fall into the  same price range? Let’s take a look.

How does the AKRacing premium measure up?

At this price, it’s a serious gaming chair offering good value for money. It depends on what you look for in a chair. It’s fairly basic because it’s one of the first models that AKRacing ever released.

But please, don’t misunderstand basic. It’s not a negative, it just means it is focused on being a comfortable chair, and it the price, some people might argue that it’s better to have limited features than poor quality features.

For example, the armrests are 1 directional and a touch wobbly. It’s the nature of first generation chairs, but that has never been a problem for me, for you it might be. Some people love being able to adjust armrests in 3 or 4 directions, it’s never been something I worry about.

What makes this chair so good is that it does the basics so well. A solid steel frame and aluminium give the chair a real solid foundation. So much so, the Premium series is able to comfortable seat gamers up to 150 kg, which is about as inclusive as it gets.

On top of that great framework there is high-density cold foams of  55kg/m³ which is about as close to race car seat quality you’ll get in a racing chair. Then comes the PU leather covering. A good looking material that’s common today because it not only gives the impression of high-quality it’s also very practical.

and high-quality PU leather covering. Of course, you can expect lumbar and neck pillows, a backrest that can be reclined to an angle of up to 180° and 12° lockable rocking of the seat. AKs Premium supports a maximum user weight of 150kg.

Additional features the chair offers includes a reclining backrest, up to 180 degrees and a lockable rocking function of up to 12 degrees. Both acceptable by today’s standards.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

The Premium series has some nice color variations. I like the the carbon black, it’s a classic. But if you are a more cheerful soul than me, you’ll be happy with one of the brown, blue or white variations.

This is a visually stunning chair. You’ll either love it’s motor sport looks or be completely turned off by them. Personally, I think it’s one of the best designs with a bucket seat influence. On the whole it’s at least as attractive as the GT Omega EVO XL

There are some handy accessories too. The Premium model has an extended gas lift which allows you to raise the height of the chair by 2cms. There are alternative, more dense armrest pads to upgrade to, that offer different shapes and colours too.

The rollerblade casters are a great upgrade. They look good and they make moving the chair so much quieter. Plus they work well on all types of flooring so what’ not to love.

Premium Series Size Guide

The Premium series is built on a steel frame and aluminium base. This allows it to offer the same comfort for both larger and small gamers. The upper limit being 150 kg. One issue larger gamers might have is that the seat area is standard in size so you might find it a little cramped. The chair is built for the average gamer but welcoming for other gamers whereas other models that were purposely built for larger gamers first and foremost.

In terms of height, the limit is 190 cm, or 6 ft 2 inches. If you find the shape of the chair restrictive, you’ll want to look at the Tank Series from DXRacer, which has less pronounced side boulders and a wider seat.

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