AKRacing Onyx Review, Buying & Size Guide

We have a lot of time for gaming chairs that use real leather. And we’re not the only ones, especially gamers looking for premium chairs. This is AKRacing’s first foray into the high-end market with a real leather gamer’s chair, and they should take a bow, because this is a great chair.

What I like about this range is you get to choose between the PU leather and the real leather variations, so if you like the style and aesthetics of the chair there’s a variation to suit your budget.

The first company to introduce real leather was noblechairs, the Ferraris on the gaming world. The EPIC Series has proven extremely popular and a leader in the luxury gaming chair market. The Onyx series from AKRacing is looking to get in on the act. Let’s see how they measure up

AKRacing Goes Real Leather – What To Expect?

The Onyx is a generous chair designed to be accommodating for a range of users of all heights and sizes. Especially for the larger gamers who often struggle to get a decent gaming chair that’s comfortable.

The rest of the specs on this chair are what you have a right to expect from a high-end chair, and more. We’re talking 3 dimensional armrests, a reclining backrest that can recline up to 180 degrees (when the standard is 135 degrees) and a class 4 gas lift. Add to the rocking function that has a range of 3 to 18 degrees and can be locked into place and you have a chair full of features.

The chair has a high weight limit (150kg no less). That’s largely thanks to steel frame the chair is built on and the large aluminium base it sits on.

The Onyx has all the features it should have without having anything spectacular. That’s left to the design of the chair. The shape itself is nicely shaped. It’s a designed to be as ergonomically supportive as possible. The side boulders are pronounced enough to give you that race car feel but not too pronounced so it’s restrictive for larger gamers.

What is exquisite is the leather covering, and not just the fact that it’s leather but the design and pattern. It really gives it a sense of luxury, like you’d get on a high-class sports car. It adds to the excitement of the chair.

The best thing about this chair is its flexibility. It has such an elegant and refined design it looks like a high-end office chair, which means it can be used at work or in your home-office, if you have one.

But don’t be fooled, it is a gaming chair. It’s designed to be used for extended periods of time and to be comfortable the whole time, regardless of your shape or size.

Design Alternatives & Original Accessories

No colors options to consider here. It’s a either black or black. There’s the PU leather version and the leather version. For me personally, it’s a no brainer. I’d take the leather every time. Leather isn’t always the most practical it wears easily, PU leather also looks great and it’s really practical. It can look brand new years down the line.

The only accessories to speak of are the two beautiful supporting cushions, the lumbar and neck cushion which not only looks beautiful but adds real support and are well worth the extra spend.

Onyx Series Size Guide

The dimensions offer above-average space – on paper, however, consistently a bit less than the ProX‘s measurements (after all the flat side boulders of the Onyx compensate for that). The sitting height can be adjusted from 46 to 51 centimetres while the backrest comes with an effective height of 84cm. In my size guide down below you will find out if the Onyx offers enough or too much space for your stature.

In terms of limitations, AKRacing have set the weight limit at 150 kilograms which as much as any other chair on the market. Most chairs are built to limit

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